Breaking Ground 107 (Sept. 2021)

Introduction by Executive Director Wanda Willis

Those of us who work in the disability field are talking more than ever about technology. It’s not just a trendy topic. Technology has reshaped how all of us connect and move through the world. While that brings challenges, it also offers opportunities. Changes in technology offer the chance for many people with disabilities to take back control and get rid of barriers in their lives.

In this issue of Breaking Ground, you’ll read about how Rosie Dunn found belonging on social media – and now uses her platform to share disabled joy. You’ll also get some practical tips on apps and tools that can support community inclusion and independence. You’ll read about a podcast that explores the landscape of disability and points the way toward what’s possible.

As technology keeps changing, the Council will keep pushing the conversation about how we can tap its potential for our Tennessee disability community. It’s part of a bigger question at the core of our work: How can we make sure people with disabilities steer their own lives as much as possible, getting the support and services they need for their vision of a good life?

You’ll see that theme in stories about projects the Council helped fund: the new Center for Decision-Making Support, and person-centered training for our state’s biggest employment program for people with disabilities. You’ll also see it in stories about how our extra funding to the Family Support program helped families during the pandemic.

Happy reading, everyone, and have a safe and healthy fall!