Breaking Ground 93

The cover of Breaking Ground issue #93 has multiple photos of Tennessee families that experience disability. The first photo is of a family that consists of a mom, a dad and two young daughters. Both little girls are holding up newspapers. Next photo shows three very happy people, a daughter, a mom and a son. They appear to be at some kind of conference. The next photo shows a family of four, dad, mom and two children, all bundled up with caps and warm coats in the middle of winter. The next photo shows a mom and her son holding each other, smiling, looking into each other’s faces. The last photo shows another family of four, mom, dad and two tall sons. There is a banner across the middle of the cover that reads, “Reimagining Supports for Families of Tennesseans with disabilities. There is also a box on the bottom that shows what other articles are featured in the magazine, including Borderless Arts in Egypt; Helping People Have Good Lives; Inclusion is a Right; Project Search; and Programs to Promote Safety.

Breaking Ground 93 - July 2018

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