Breaking Ground 113 - Artist photos and videos

Chance Risner (CJ Rippin) has multiple disabilities, including being deaf. He is 28 years old, wears cochlear implants and wrote this song about being deaf.

From Lori Kissinger, Borderless Arts TN: "Eric Mather-Burks and Micah Elliott joined the Dulcimer Choir of Borderless Arts (what was then VSA) more than a decade ago. (Note from the Council: we helped fund the launch of this choir!

However, COVID stopped this group and a Guitar Choir emerged in its place.  Eric and Micah joined the guitar choir, but the two guys still love the dulcimer, which is an instrument that really represents our State.  These two continue to rehearse together and whenever the Guitar Choir performs we have had these two perform.  At an event in Sept., someone called them the Dulcimer Dudes....and it stuck.  These two guys do a lot of their communicating through music.  They have taken the initiative on their own to keep this going."

a young white woman with blonde hair is seated next to cartoonist Guy Gilchrist, who is a white man with long blonde hair and a long brown beard; he's holding up a Kermit the Frog puppet between them and Jennifer is holding up a cartoon of Kermit playing the banjo in front of a rainbow
Jennifer Scallorn being mentored by cartoonist Guy Gilchrist. Jennifer Scallorn is an autistic 27 year old artist from Mt. Juliet. She has always had a love for art, using it as a means of communication and expression. Jennifer's art has been included in exhibits at Monthaven Mansion, Green Hills Library, Hotel Preston, and the Hendersonville Library. She has been a Teapot Diplomat for Borderless Arts TN since 2017.
a toddler with curly black hair sits at a child's art table with crayons and paper on the desk in front of him
Erasmus VanWinkle is 2 years old, nonverbal, and was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He loves drawing with chalk, crayons and markers, and created this work all by himself.
the actual artwork the toddler created, streaks of varying colors across the white paper

an intricately sewn blanket with a white background and all sorts of animals in pastel colors; it appears to be a scene of Noah's ark with pairs of animals in a boat on the water
Carolyn Hill lives in Oak Ridge, TN. She has been cross stitching and doing embroidery for about 30 years. She is self taught. She loves animals and cooking for her housemates! She is a sweet lady who is always willing to help anyone in need.
a young white man smiling, holding up a couple of detailed colored sketches and sitting at a table covered in pencil sketches. the sketches on the table include a clown, a melting cube of ice and a skull.
Artist Michael Lewis with a variety of his sketches. From his supporters: "Michael is a sweet, outgoing, funny, affectionate, creative, and smart young man. Michael is loyal and protective of the people he loves. Michael rescued a cat from a burning building and has permanent burn damage on his skin. Michael named the cat, “Troubles”, and is still with and taking care of the animal. He has a set up within his residence to make YouTube videos and currently has 20,000 followers. Michael is a very hard worker, who likes to work with his hands and work outside."
an older black woman with glasses and her gray hair pulled back from her face stands in a kitchen holding up a very detailed colored in sketch of a mandala with patterns and flowers and smiles for the camera
Denise Wiggins loves to paint, color, crochet and put together puzzles. "All day and night," Denise said. She gives away most of her paintings and crocheted pieces to family and friends. "She loves working on her artwork so much that she falls asleep with colored pencils in her hand," said SRVS Home Manager Katherine Jones.
a collage of 3 sketches from the artist; one of the Nashville Predators hockey player Pekka Rinne in his goalie mask, one of a wolf and one of a knight. also includes a photo of Kaitlyn, a young Asian woman with glasses wearing a lovely navy dress on a beach holding a bouquet posed with her friend Sadie in a wedding dress
Kaitlyn was adopted from Mongolia, just turned 23, and loves art.
an older white woman with short gray hair and a huge smile sits at a table holding up a painting with two others propped up next to her. the paintings include potted flowers and what appears to be ducks on a body of water and the sun.
Deborah Chambers has been with Comcare many years. Deborah loves hanging with her staff doing any kind of art despite her vision obstacles. She loves to show off her talents!
a young girl with down syndrome in a pink dress and large tutu in the middle of a dance move on stage with several other children in costumes
Avery Thomas, age 7, loves her hip hop and ballet dance classes and recitals.