Breaking Ground 100 - Poetry Collection

Ryan by David S. Pointer

They called Ryan fast.

They called Ryan to float through safety first minefields.

They called Ryan their “Handicapable Hard Charger.”

They called Ryan their “Special Needs Knight.”

They called Ryan their “Differently-abled Amigo.”

They called Ryan their “Challenged Champion.”

Ryan called them back even when the language

wasn't quite right, and wrenched things up right.

Poet bio: David S. Pointer lives in Murfreesboro with his daughters and kitty cats. David has recently published work in Spitball magazine, and “The 5-2: Poems on Crime,” and has been a regular contributor to Breaking Ground Arts issues.


Stir the coals for me by Jesee Hill

Let’s awaken what once was fragrant

The beauties, the things that made us laugh,

      the things that made us sing and dance

Let’s awaken the songs which God shuttled through our souls,

       the fibers--in all of their hues--

           creating beautiful, unfinished tapestries

            Stir the coals for me

When life’s Novembers hinder the springs,

       Deferring hopes, expiring dreams--

       When I am cold, a barren tree,

          Stir the coals for me


When no beauties I can see,

  it is your love, the remedy.

My love will warm you in the spring

    Please, stir the coals for me

Poet bio: Jesee Hill has cerebral palsy and is a graduate of the Tennessee Partners in Policymaking® 2015-2016 Class. He lives in Watertown.


The Counselor On Vacation by Brian C. McHan

He talked to clients all day

Listening to their problems

He dealt with management

He dealt with staff

He went home and

He dealt with his family

But the next day was vacation day

He went into the woods

And listened to the birds

And the wind

And when night fell

He took pictures of the lightning

When the storm came

And listened to the thunder

He spent a day

No longer listening to men

And listened to God for a while

Whom he will meet

When his time with men is done

Poet bio: Brian C. McHan has been a faithful contributor to “Breaking Ground” Arts issues ever since he graduated from the Tennessee Partners in Policymaking® program in 2002. According to Brian, “This one is about my counselor who has to listen to the things I complain about with my schizophrenia.”