Breaking Ground 113 - Creative Writing (Scripts, Prose and Poetry)

"Girl Power" by Katie Hamilton

Artist bio: Katie Hamilton has been at Friends Life Community for the past 15 years creating out-of-this-world pieces. Both her artwork, poetry, and short stories convey a variety of emotions and spirituality connecting elements of our world to the emotional realm. She has many passions and loves to connect with others deeply.

Being a woman is holding it together when everyone around me is in chaos, out of control, upset. Being a woman is finding the peace and comfort from Mother Earth and hearing the lullabies of Christmas. Girl Power is pure like the Lamb of God and fragile as the fallen snow. Girl Power is a labor of love, a process that requires bending and flexing and benefits the new Kingdom which brings out the colors of the rainbow. Girl Power is fulfilling a prophesy giving birth to new women, The Trinity, The Three Musketeers.

Being a woman is being flawless, strong, and not afraid to be weak. There are feelings inside of you that grow and turn you into a grown-up. Feedback is important. Sometimes “The Black Cloud” of stress comes around, causing you to not understand yourself, but what you need to do is find fun. When you feel frustrated or sad, you need to find fun, be playful, find beauty, and seek laughter. When danger controls, you need to think things through, process, and express how you really feel. When you do this, you feel different, prehistoric, winning the battle.

The days are passing by. I see the clouds moving and shifting and expanding into the life of your own making. Girl Power is when women hold one another together. Women need fitness on their spirts. Fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Feeling beautiful like a swan full of the vibrations in sensitivity and love, grinding it together creating life. They deliver care, love, and beauty that will make you want to faint. Memories of the child who is an orphan of darkness who is lost and alone and who doesn’t have any parents.

Isolation can turn you into your true self. When I see the face of someone else, I see my face. There is a lot of chemistry and history coming out of our minds, bodies, and spirits. I call this deep-sea diving, dancing around and around in the deep sea trying to find a place called home, a place of women, all who hold grace and internal beauty. The legacy of me, the world, of you, the faces are in the future, lost in time, in the darkness, who need forgiveness to heal. Healing your energy of the colors will flow out self-love and begin the chapters of your story as a woman, girl power.

Girls are shy and sensitive. They like respect for their privacy. A woman’s personality is always ready to explode like a firecracker, bursting with colors, and making the most of it all. The sun is shining. Women are ready for the earthquakes found in the past, present, and future. Women are unstoppable. Women are strong, brave, and bold. Women have choices to decide their fate. They discover what they need to do to provide for themselves.

Watch Katie perform a dramatic reading of another piece of her writing called "To Heal a Galaxy" in this brief video.

a young white woman with down syndrome stands in front of some wooden shelves holding on to a large 3-D textile work of art that appears to include fabric and drawings showing the sun and other natural shapes
Katie Hamilton, posing with another work of her art

"The Fantastic Jimmy Miller" by Jimmy Miller

Artist bio: Jimmy Miller loves comedy, puppetry, performing, and making others feel joyful! He really knows how to think-outside-the-box and offers high creativity with every project he is involved in.

Scene 1: Friends Life University

Professor Jimmy: Next week, we are going to take a trip to the science museum to learn about the planets in our solar system.  Make sure to have your permission slips signed by your parents. Class dismissed!

I am so excited to have this teaching job. I love sharing my experiences with my class. I sure am hungry, but first I need to grade everyone’s math papers.

SFX: City alarm

Professor Jimmy: (Looks up towards signal) There’s my signal!  These math papers are going to have to be put on hold. I’ve got to save my city!

(Professor Jimmy goes behind his desk.  With a blast of smoke and lights, Professor Jimmy transforms into The Fantastic Jimmy Miller. The Fantastic Jimmy theme song plays and a magic carpet suddenly flies into the classroom.  Fantastic Jimmy hops on magic carpet and flies away.)

Scene 2: Downtown Peachville

(FJ floats in on his magic carpet as a tornado comes onto the stage.)

Fantastic Jimmy: Back off, you silly twister!  My laser vision is about to destroy you!  (FJ uses laser vision to zap tornado.). I am powerful and strong!

Scene 3: Downtown Peachville

Citizen: Oh, no, that building has burst into flames!  If only The Fantastic Jimmy were here to help us...

Fantastic Jimmy: I am coming to help.  I am on my way!  Stand back, citizen!  This flaming inferno is no match for The Fantastic Jimmy Miller.  (Fantastic Jimmy blows out fire.)

Citizen: You’re my hero!

Fantastic Jimmy: Just doing my job!

Shark (J. Rob): Oh, Fantastic Jimmy, help me please!

Fantastic Jimmy: Oh, no, a baby shark needs my help!  Magic Carpet, take me to the Peachville Ocean!

Scene 4: Shore of Peachville Ocean

(Fantastic Jimmy sees a baby shark lying on the beach.)

Fantastic Jimmy: Hey, Baby Shark, are you running low on oxygen?

Baby Shark (J. Rob): Yes.

Fantastic Jimmy: I’ll push you gently into the ocean with my superhuman strength!                

(Fantastic Jimmy pushes Baby Shark back into water.)

Baby Shark (J. Rob): Thank you!

Fantastic Jimmy: Stay away from fishermen and stay in school!  Whew - It’s been an exhausting evening...

SFX: Cat meowing

Fantastic Jimmy: Oh, no!  That sounds like a worried cat!  I’m on my way, my furry friend!

Scene 5: Peachville Park w/ large tree

Worried Cat: Fantastic Jimmy, I am stuck in a tree.  Meow!

Fantastic Jimmy: It’s okay, kitty, just stay there.  I’m not going to let you fall!  I’m coming up!

(Fantastic Jimmy uses Magic Carpet to help Worried Cat out of the tree.)  I’ve got you!

Worried Cat: (licks The Fantastic Jimmy) Thank you, Fantastic Jimmy.  You’re my hero meow!

Fantastic Jimmy: Oh, it was nothing really.  I just love saving everybody!  Boy – I am tired and hungry. Magic Carpet, take me home!

Scene 6: Friends Life University

Professor Jimmy: (eating mushroom pizza) Whew, what a day!  Never fear, The Fantastic Jimmy Miller is always here!

"The Story of Princess Kate" by Kate Johnson

Artist bio: Kate Johnson is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, her family, and all things colorful! She has a wild imagination that creates whimsical products. She loves a good dance party and really knows how to have a good time!

Scene 1

Narrator (Heather): Once upon a time, there was a joyful Princess named Kate.  She lived in the kingdom of Bellevue. When she wasn’t painting beautiful portraits or adding to her extensive sticker collection, she spent her days watching her favorite movie “Ella Enchanted” at the Royal Cinema with her handsome husband, Prince Eric.  (Audience sees Kate and Eric going into movie theatre ordering their favorite snacks.)

Kate: We’ll have some popcorn and gummy bears, please!  (Audience sees Kate and Eric sit down in the movie theatre.  Kate shares her snacks with Eric, he is happy and grateful.)

Kate: This is going be a great movie, Prince Eric! (Audience sees “The End” on movie screen.)

Kate: (Excitedly) Oh my gosh, I loved it!

Eric: (Excitedly) Me, too!  Thank you for taking me to this wonderful movie, Princess Kate!

Scene 2

Narrator: Princess Kate was known throughout the kingdom of Bellevue for being an excellent spinner. Every Friday evening, she would share her talents with the lords and ladies of Bellevue. (Audience sees Kate backstage.)

Kate: Spinning is FUN! (Audience sees Kate spinning on stage and hears musical, magical melody while she spins.  The audience sees Kate bow.  Kate blows kisses to the audience.) Thank you for watching me spin! I LOVE you all!

Scene 3

Narrator: Princess Kate loved spending time with her mother, the Queen Mom.  On sunny afternoons, they would travel to Paris, France and gaze upon the Eiffel Tower.  They would often spend their time walking dogs.  (Audience sees Kate and Mom walking by Eiffel Tower.)

Kate: It’s so pretty! (Audience sees Kate and Mom with dogs.) Mom, I really like walking the dogs with you! (Audience sees Kate and Mom hugging.)

Mother: You will be my sunshine.  Don’t you ever forget it.

Scene 4

Narrator: One of Princess Kate’s favorite places to fill her belly was the Café Ginnie.

Kate: (Audience sees Kate ordering her meal.)  I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich with a slice of carrot cake and apple juice, please.  (Audience sees Kate eating carrot cake.) Yum!

(Audience sees Kate wiping her mouth with napkin.) Delicious!

Scene 5

Narrator: Princess Kate loved living in her kingdom.  She was so thankful for the wonderful days she was able to spend with her family and friends.  Before going to bed each night, Princess Kate would say her prayers and remind herself that...

Kate: I am grateful for going on adventures with the people that I love.


See an enactment of this play in the video below!

"Unashamed" by Tyler Samuel

Artist bio: Tyler Samuel, a Nashville local since 1998, is a classically trained soprano who studied at the University of Evansville, attaining a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance. She is a disability rights advocate and is legally blind and hard of hearing.

Don’t assume the heart

We know not the love within

Don’t assume the heart

Love is often slow…

Like a leak in a dam break...

Love is often slow…

Try not to fear love

It is ok to love more!

Try not to block love!

Love is often quick

Like a trip and fall we dive…

Love is often quick

Let love into you

Share love with the world and you

Let love into us


4-28-22 #unashamed