Breaking Ground 95 - Fine Art

three purple tulips on the end of three long, thin, green stems, and three stems that have not released their buds yet. The background is painted blue.
Untitled by Christy Earheart. Christy has been a licensed master social worker since 2011, and is a Partner’s graduate. She is currently employed as a Quality Assurance Analyst with Greater Nashville Regional Council. She is a long-time volunteer, equal rights advocate and peer mentor.
an abstract watercolor of sailboats on the water, against a yellow and orange sky.
Untitled by Christy Earheart.
The painting is of an old-time black, yellow and brown Victrola with a long-playing record sitting on a dark brown side table. Coming out of the fluted horn of the Victrola are five orange, black and white butterflies.
Untitled by Amanda Ellis. This is a piece by Amanda about a student, Kaylynne, who is active in band and enjoys the beauties of nature found in butterflies.
It shows a farm at the base of a mountain. There is a red barn with a silo and a white house. A picket fence winds toward the barn and house. The ground is covered with snow, and some tall pale grasses make their way through the snow covering.
Tennessee Farm Feeding Time by Nancy Olson. Nancy enjoys painting in watercolors and often chooses beautiful scenes she has visited and the exquisite beauty of Nature. She enjoys painting with the class at Our Place Peer Center in Murfreesboro.
a gorgeous scene of green grass and trees, a small red barn, a blue-ish mountain range, and a red, yellow, purple and blue sky.
Untitled by Nancy Olson. Nancy enjoys painting in watercolors and often chooses beautiful scenes she has visited and the exquisite beauty of Nature. She enjoys painting with the class at Our Place Peer Center in Murfreesboro.
a close-up photo of a young child in a yellow shirt staring up at the ceiling. The child’s hair is dark brown, and there is an array of paintbrushes woven throughout the hair
“Thomais the Artist” by Yadira V. Calderon. Yadira is a dedicated warrior, advocate, podcast enthusiast, director of short films and author of the soon to be published – Autism: The Happy Kingdom. She holds a MA in International Relations and Diplomacy.
The painting depicts a patio outside of a house. There is a table in the center with a bowl of flowers. The entire painting is done in muted grays, whites and browns. There are no people in the scene
“Safe Patio” by John L. Butts, Jr. John lives in Clarksville and brings variety to his pictures with different settings and themes. He attends the Centerstone Clarksville Peer Center.
painting shows three purple flowers on vines with green leaves peeking through light brown and gray wood paneling
Untitled by Teresa Johnson. Teresa lives in Huntland, TN. In her words: “When life-changing events happened, art became more than just a random creative outlet, it became therapy. I am self-taught and work mostly in acrylic and watercolor. In my studio, I am free!”
abstract of a yellow, brown and golden cat on a dark blue background
"Sitting Meow" by Hope McKee. Hope is an artist who strives to showcase we are all differently-abled, doing her part to change the world. She works in a variety of media (painting, mixed media, and drawing) with a special emphasis in comic book art. Hope is also involved with Borderless Arts Tennessee.
a colorful bird perched on a brown branch, in front of a brown mountains and a greenish-blue sky. The bird is various shades of green, plus blue, yellow, orange, pink and purple
"Oasis" by Hope McKee.
It shows a red, yellow green and white parrot perched regally on a tropical plant that has lush red flowers and green leaves. There are other grays, blue and greens in the background.
"Mr. Parrot" by Laura Hudson. Laura portrays beautiful scenes of lush tropical settings with colorful birds, foliage and flowers. She likes to make her pictures detailed with lots of interest for the viewer. Laura lives in Nashville and has enjoyed making art part of her life for many years.
painting very vibrant and colorful, and has a yellow, orange, purple and red bird flying proudly with wings outstretched, against a background of blue sky, big, tropical, green leaves, and what appears to be a merry-go-round in the distance
"Airborne Bird" by Laura Hudson
ceramic piece that features a brown, speckled leaf in the middle of a black and brown background
"Leaf" by Louise McKown. Louise is a potter who has a rare progressive neurological condition. She worked for 20 years at the East TN Technology Access Center, and is a Partners graduate. She takes pottery classes at the Oak Ridge Art Center.
The painting is very vibrant and shows a deep red angelfish swimming in an environment that contains a dark brown bridge, dark green rocks, bright orange corral and a pink flower with green leaves.
"Aquarium" by LeAnn Wilson. LeAnn of Clarksville has gained confidence in her artistic choices of subjects. She applies her talents of visualizing spirited images in her paintings. She also creates beautiful ceramics, pencil drawings, and oil pastel and acrylic paintings.
a highly abstract digital photo which has a face with closed eyes in the center, with rays of gold, brown, blue and red emanating from it
Self-Portrait by Joey McNinch. Joey is a 13-year-old student at Kings Daughters Center for Autism. He loves taking photos with his iPad. This self-portrait is Joey riding in the car. “It reminds us of how bright and special he is,” said his mom.