Breaking Ground 100 - Poetry: Life on the Spectrum

by Samantha C. Teasley

Hold my hand, and here we go

In this big world, so much to know

Let’s go at my speed

Let’s stay at my pace

Here we go, Mama

I’ll put on a brave face

Noises, colors, smells and lights

For them it’s okay, for me it’s a fight

What’s coming next?

I need to know

I don’t like it here

I have to go

This place is too much

And I need to leave

Take me home, Mama

I need to breathe

I’ve made it to my safety zone

It’s quiet here, and it’s my home

You hold me close and say my name

You know that my feelings are not just a game

You calm me down and make me smile

Mama, can we just stay here a while?

I’ll try again some other day

We can do this, I’ll be okay

This world is big, this I know

Just hold my hand and here we go


Poet bio: Samantha Teasley lives in Sumner County and has two children with autism. She wrote this poem to describe how everyday experiences may be difficult for those on the spectrum.