Visual Art (Artist First Name N-Z)

 A photo shows a dock and pier extending out into a lake, the water gently rippled. The sun is just slipping behind the hilly shoreline opposite, casting a golden beam of light up into a cloudy sky and down onto the water’s reflection.  The sky beneath the cloud line is brightly golden.
Sunset Tennessee River – Ragan Patterson. Bio - "I’m an 18-year-old junior at East Hickman High School. I have Fragile X Syndrome. I love taking landscape photos. I love our beautiful country and love capturing the beauty of it."
A colorful painting with a purple and gold background shows a young person with short, brown hair wearing a black sleeveless vest and white shirt. He has a glowing tiara on his head and holds a scepter. A trail of white sparkles wraps around him.
King Reid by Reid Sybert. Bio - Reid is a 27-year-old artist who lives in Nashville. He loves to create art showcasing queer, body positive, and neurodivergent joy.
a black-and-white line drawing shows a boy in his early teens, with thick, wavy hair, thick brows, and round glasses. The boy’s face is thoughtful and serious.
Harry Potter by Rickey Hordge. Bio - Rickey lives in Memphis, TN and has always loved to make art. He loves drawing, painting, graphic design and is hoping to start working with clay soon! He loves to create things and is very proud of his work! He lives in a family model home and would love to go to art school someday.
A colorful collage leans heavily on imagery from an old pinball machine. Splotches of darker colors and shadows obscure some of the image. The top corners of the image are obscured by red splotches.
Racing Thoughts - Robin Key. Bio - "I live in Knoxville and am 53 years old. I live with bipolar disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome and am on disability for those and other chronic conditions. I make art to express myself and therapeutically. I use a variety of mediums. Anything from drawing with ink and water color pencils, collage, montage, photography. I also enjoy fiber arts and sculpture."
A photo shows large bubbles floating against a background of grass, blooming trees, and a wooded hill. A young woman floats gracefully within the largest bubble, her wavy, dark brown hair hanging down as she is suspended with her legs and arms bent. She is wearing black shorts and a black tank top.
Stuck in a Bubble - Sami Zinni. Bio - "My name is Sami Zinni. I love calling Franklin, TN my home. I am on the autism spectrum. I love being creative, whether it is through my computer or my camera. I enjoy using photoshop to enhance my creativity. I entered my photographs in the Williamson County Fair contest in 2022 and I am proud to say (the Ostrich and Bubble) photos won first place."
A digitally composed image shows a giant green and brown moth with wings spread. The background shows moon and stars visible through an elegant archway flanked by tall columns lining a paved surface, with greenery visible at the edges of the image. On the left, a narrow, classically-styled leaded window is glowing.
Lunaria at Night - Sora (Anthony Bledsoe). Bio - "I’m a trans artist that goes by Sora. I make scenic art and have autism. I’m 22 and chaotic."
A horizontal painting shows an inside corner of a room with neutral walls, gray floor, and two windows – one wide open to the blue beyond. Inside the room is a large vase next to a blue arm chair, a red phone booth with a bouquet of red flowers atop, and an Easter Island-style statue of a face, with a large, bright yellow lightbulb suspended above.
Room with a View by Susan Turner. Bio - Susan is a 53-year-old woman with Down syndrome. She has been a student at Trousdale School since it opened in 2005, and she is very proud of her longevity at Food City, where she has worked as a bagger for 18 years. Her hobby is painting personalized cards for her friends’ birthdays. This painting was created during a class study of Surrealism. It is mixed media - collage and acrylic painting.
A white, young man with short, sandy-colored hair grins at the camera, eyebrows raised, as he hovers over a miniature building model resting on a countertop. The building is a miniature coffee shop, with a sign out front that reads “EXCEPTIONAL BEAN.”
The Exceptional Bean Diorama by Thomas Golz. Bio - Thomas Golz, 20, of Cookeville is an autistic young man who began creating dollhouses in 2019 when schools closed for COVID. He needed something to do with all his time and worked on dollhouse, diorama, and book nook kits. Then he was asked to create a diorama for his employer at The Exceptional Bean and with his mother, Jennifer Gray, to organize and assist him, a new small business was born - Small World Dioramas. Commissions for dioramas by local businesses include Cream City, Ralph’s Donuts, Big O Donuts, Cigi’s Boutique, The Glass Tangerine, First National Bank of Tennessee, and many more. Thomas is a proud member of Art Round Tennessee and loves making people happy with his tiny worlds that leave a big impact on the community.
A vertical, rectangular painting features strong white, blue, and black colors. The background of the painting is black with white specks, evoking stars. The right half of the image features tall, white stalks with feathery tops, evoking gracefully bending plants. The left of the picture features vertical blue streaks. In the center, lighter, horizontal blue streaks disappear toward a horizon line.
Water Falls - Zackery Wilson - Various Media, Crayon, Pencils, Acrylic and Markers. Bio - Zackery Wilson, 25, attends Dyersburg State Community College, where he is studying art, drama, and music. He is the first student with Down syndrome in the program. Zackery’s hobbies include drawing, painting, acting, dancing, tattoos, superheroes, hockey (Nashville Predators), and swimming. He also loves CrossFit and is proud to have designed a tee shirt for FSFIT. He competed in the 2021 CrossFit Open, finishing at #22 in the division for males with intellectual disabilities. He wants to own a coffee shop someday.