Council Staff


To contact  the  Council, call our office at 615-532-6615 or email  Staff contact information listed below.


outdoor posed photo of 10 staff members of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities
Pictured, from left to right: Lauren Pearcy; Mildred Sparkman; Cathlyn Smith; JoEllen Fowler; Jolene Sharp; Brian Keller; Lynette Porter; Emma Shouse; Ashley Edwards; and Alicia Cone.
9-14-17  Pearcy_Lauren_DIDD_Offical Portrait

Lauren Pearcy, Executive Director

615.741.5019 |

headshot of Lynette Porter, a white woman with short brown hair, a striped blouse and black cardigan

Lynette Porter, Deputy Director

615.532.4684 |

headshot of Ashley Edwards, a white woman with long brown hair, a black shirt and gray sweater

Ashley Edwards, Assistant to the Executive Director

615.253.5369 |

headshot of JoEllen Fowler, a white woman with short brown hair and an orange striped knit sweater and black blouse, glasses and gold earings

JoEllen Fowler, Office Resources Manager

615.532.6560 |

headshot of Mildred Sparkman, a Black woman with curly black ringlets and a blue blouse

Mildred Sparkman, Administrative Secretary

615.532.1409 |

headshot of Alicia Cone, a white woman with short gray hair and an embroidered purple blouse with a state of TN and a leadership academy pin on it

Alicia Cone, Director of Program Operations

615.253.1105 |

headshot of Brian Keller, a white man with short blonde hair, glasses, a little bit of a beard, and a suit, white collared shirt and blue and red striped tie

Brian Keller, General Counsel (Public Policy)

615.253.8710 |

headshot of Jolene Sharp, a white woman with long curly brown hair, a white blouse and a beige suit jacket

Jolene Sharp, Chief Public Information Officer

615.253.8778 |

headshot of Emma Shouse Garton, a white woman with short brown hair, brown glasses and an olive green blouse

Emma Shouse Garton, Public Information Specialist

615.253.5368 |

headshot of Cathlyn Smith, a Black woman with short brown hair, hoop earrings, a gold blazer and white blouse, and a state of TN pin

Cathlyn ("Cat") Smith, Director of Leadership Development

615.532.6556 |