Breaking Ground 91 Arts - Compilation of Visual Artwork

a painting featured on the front cover by Kathy Tupper. It is called “Autumn 11-11”, and is a beautiful rendering of a tree in the fall, with multi-colored leaves. The style is almost abstract, because the branches, the trunk and the leaves are not highly defined.
"Autumn 11-11" by Kathy Tupper. Kathy Tupper’s lifetime commitment is to honor the blessings she’s been given: intellectual curiosity, imagination and the facility to use them.
painting by Augie Collier, called “Grimes”. This is a portrait of a person with short chopped red hair, wearing a dark blue top. It is not clear what the person’s gender is, and the person’s expression is very intense.
Augie Collier of Nashville tries to bring out the personality of his subjects. He enjoys using oils and acrylics.
a gorgeous photograph called “Sunset at Mesa Verde”, by Houston Vandergriff. It shows a barren tree in the foreground against a background of coarse soil and green shrubs. The sun appears to be going down, and can be seen at the bottom of a purple, orange and yellow evening sky.
“Sunset at Mesa Verde”, by Houston Vandergriff. Houston is a 19-year-old with Down syndrome from Powell, Tennessee.
It is a very colorful abstract painting that has many small shapes in big environments. Part of it looks like the ocean or a pond, another part of it looks like outer space. There are creatures and a huge object near the middle that looks like a mechanical beast. It is dazzling and very imaginative.
“Untitled 1” by Mitchell Wiseman. Mitchell Wiseman has his own unique way of expressing his artistic vision with abstract design filled with vibrant colors. He is a member of the ReConnect Peer Center in Shelbyville.
In the center is a souped-up race car, that is outlined by what looks like an plane or rocket ship, which is white and light blue with electrical currents coming off of it. From both sides of the airplane or rocket wings are long trails of burning flames.
“BTTF” by Jalyn Weston. Jalyn Weston is a 15-year-old artist with autism who lives in Sweetwater, Tennessee. He uses a variety of mediums from pen and pencil, from watercolor to acrylic, and more recently, digital.
a photo of a beautiful ceramic plate that is called, “Polka Dot Pinwheel. The pottery is by Louise McKown. The surface of the plate is divided into 12 slivers. Two are yellow, two are orange, two are red, two are green, two are dark blue and two are light blue. In each of the slivers, as you move toward the center of the plate, the solid colors described above are replaced with many dots in those same colors.
“Polka Dot Pinwheel” by Louise McKown. Louise McKown is a potter who has a rare progressive neurological condition that affects her speech, fine motor control, walking and balance. She retired from the East TN Technology Access Center at the end of 2016 after working 20 years as their public awareness coordinator and systems change advocate. She takes pottery classes at the Oak Ridge Art Center, where she also serves on their board of directors.
a photograph called, “Untitled Vacuum #2”, and it was taken by Joey McNinch. This is an abstract photo where several individual shots of a black and red vacuum cleaner are mixed together to form a new design.
Joey McNinch is a 12-year-old on the autism spectrum who lives in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He is a student at Kings Daughters Center for Autism in Columbia, and loves drawing and taking photos of vacuums.
The first piece is a painting called, “Cheeky Rainbow Parrot” by Laura Hudson. This very colorful painting shows a parrot bright red, blue and yellow in its body and gorgeous feathers. The parrot is sitting on thick branches that have several shades of brown. Growing out of the branches are purple flowers with red stamens and green leaves. The whole scene is set against a background of blue sky.
“Cheeky Rainbow Parrot” by Laura Hudson. Laura Hudson of Nashville loves to make people smile and enjoy her art. She says her art takes her anywhere in the world as she imagines beautiful tropical scenes and creatures. She loves to picture nature’s gifts of life and beautiful color.
photo called Glacier Lagoon, and shows white ice caps on a shiny body of water, with an expansive blue sky with clouds above it. You can see the reflections of the sky, the clouds and the ice caps in the surface of the water.
"Glacier Lagoon" by Houston Vandergriff. Houston Vandergriff is a 19-year-old with Down syndrome from Powell, Tennessee.
 a detailed pencil drawing by Kieran Braun called, “Manipulation”. It features a young man in jeans and a dark t-shirt that has the word “Kiersval Productions” written across it. He is kneeling and holding a marionette on a frame with strings. The marionette is a boy wearing a Carson-Newman sweatshirt.
“Manipulation” by Kieran Braun. Kieran Braun is a senior at Carson-Newman University, majoring in graphic design and theatre arts. He was diagnosed with autism at age 3.
piece is a digital “painting” called, “Put Your Heads Together People” by Erin Brady Worsham, which was created using the Microsoft Paint Program. It features eight different faces clustered together in a design. They all look happy, which makes this appear to be a positive statement about collaborating for a positive result. On the border of the pieces are the words of the title. The prominent colors are blue, green and orange.
“Put Your Heads Together People” by Erin Brady Worsham. Nashville artist and writer, Erin Brady Worsham, was very happy to have her artwork chosen to be the program cover and t-shirt design for the 2017 Tennessee Disability MegaConference. This is the second time Worsham has received this honor.
a painting by Christy Earheart called, “Untitled #2”. Although this is an abstract painting, it clearly represents a sun reflecting on a body of water, and contains the colors yellow, red, blue and green.
“Untitled #2” by Christy Earheart. Christy Earheart is a licensed master social worker who never tires in her pursuit for social justice and equality. She is a mother, Partners graduate, animal lover and volunteer who just happens to sit on wheels.
a painting by John Butts, Jr. called “Over Easy”. It is kind of a still-life of a breakfast scene, and features a white and blue bowl with two cracked raw eggs, egg shells outside the bowl, a fork, a saltshaker and a slab of raw bacon. All of these items are set against a light blue background.
“Over Easy” by John Butts, Jr. John L. Butts, Jr. of Clarksville enjoys drawing and painting. He attends the Centerstone Peer Center in Clarksville.
This is a very traditional looking painting of a small post office next to a country lane. It is surrounded by grass, red and purple flowers and trees. There are is a potted plant and a flowering bush on and near the porch of the post office. The building is painted white with a brown roof and brown awning. There are also several windows that are showing a yellow light inside. The painting is set against a mottled dark blue background with streaks of gold.
"Post Office" by Nancy Olson. Nancy Olson enjoys capturing everyday life in small towns and rural scenes in Tennessee. She enjoys painting in watercolors and creating art at Our Place Peer Center in Murfreesboro.