Breaking Ground 109 Arts - Let’s MOVE!

By Lauren Beasley Morris, Founder and Executive Director, MOVE Inclusive Dance
a young Black girl is on a stage with a few other dancers behind her, and all of the dancers are waving colorful ribbons on sticks in the air with their arms raised. They are all wearing matching shirts with the “MOVE” dance program logo that say “2021 Recital”.
Dance student Saniya Rose (front) and volunteers perform a ribbon dance at a 2021 Recital at the Zoo. (Photo credit: Sarina Kurrimbukus)

MOVE Inclusive Dance is a dance program for people of all abilities in Nashville and Franklin, TN. Our mission is to empower people of all ability levels to learn life skills through movement. Our dance classes at MOVE Inclusive Dance use music and movement to transform students’ lives while providing a warm, inviting environment for all.

MOVE Inclusive Dance offers a variety of classes for all ages. Some types of classes include “Groovy Moves,” “Creative Movement,” and “Ballet/Lyrical.” These classes focus on different aspects of dance such as choreography, ballet, and/or technique. Each class is tailored to what each individual student needs. 

A young Black girl wearing pink glasses and a “2021 recital” T-shirt poses smiling while holding a bouquet of flowers
Hallan has grown in confidence and met new goals through her time at MOVE Inclusive Dance. (Photo credit: Sarina Kurrimbukus)

Meet Hallan!

Hallan has been a part of the MOVE Inclusive Dance community since early 2021. Since starting, she has opened up and allowed her personality to show through more each week. She is an incredibly sweet and loving student who always has a positive attitude. Hallan is gentle and always wants to hug others in class around her. As time has passed, Hallan has become more comfortable with dancing and interacting with others more, and dancing bigger than ever. Hallan is in the “Creative Movement” class every Saturday. She began dancing with her mother, Payton, but has now transitioned to dancing with a volunteer called a “dance buddy.”

We asked her mother, Payton, a few questions about how MOVE Inclusive Dance has impacted Hallan:

“Due to COVID-19, Hallan had been without social interaction outside our home for over a year. Her dad and I were starting to see her withdraw. We were very worried about how the lack of interactions would affect her. After a search for special needs activities and groups, I found MOVE Inclusive Dance. She was very shy and slow to warm up to at first, but now she really enjoys our Saturday mornings in dance class. She has peers to interact with and loves her class, the dance room, and the instructors. Hallan now asks to give a big hug to her dance partner and instructor after every class (sometimes before and during class too),” Payton said.

We asked Payton if she has seen any specific changes in Hallan since attending MOVE Inclusive Dance.

She responded: “Hallan has developed a joy for music and movement. She now wants to listen to different types of music. When she hears a favorite song, she wants to hold hands, spin in a circle, and jump along. Her favorite dance partner is her little brother. Hallan has also started listening for rhythmic patterns. She will clap, tap, and nod her head along to the pattern.”

We asked if Hallan has met any goals during her time at MOVE Inclusive Dance.

“Hallan has been able to improve her attention span, level of focus, retention, and social interaction skills since attending MOVE. Hallan has progressed in her physical therapy goals too. Her therapists have been impressed by her ability to follow the exercises and willingness to try.”

Hallan has been a wonderful asset to the MOVE family. We have seen her grow and flourish into a young girl with added confidence and increased social interaction skills. We can’t wait to see what Hallan accomplishes next!

Feeling ready to dance?

Check out our website at to find the location and class right for you! Email Lauren Morris at with any questions you may have. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages too: @moveinclusivedance!

Two young white women lean together for a photo in matching black T-shirts for the recital. One of the women has Down syndrome, both are also wearing colorful bandanas.
Dancer Rachel and volunteer Morgan wait to perform at the 2021 Recital at the Zoo. (Photo credit: Sarina Kurrimbukus)
A young Black girl in a wheelchair wearing a paper crowd and “2021 recital” shirt is hugged from the side by her sister, a young Asian girl with a huge smile.
Sisters Christina and Qing Quing participate together at MOVE Inclusive Dance. Photo credit: Sarina Kurrimbukus.