Breaking Ground 112 - A First in Baseball History

group photo of a baseball team in green jerseys on one side and a team in red jerseys on the other side

A first in baseball history: players with disabilities and former professional players took the field together for a 9-inning exhibition game. The game was held at AT&T Field in Chattanooga on November 5, 2022. Players came from 12 states to participate in this historic classic.

Alternative Baseball provides empowerment, enrichment, and excitement for teens and adults (ages 15+) with autism and other disabilities through the authentic baseball experience. If you’re interested in bringing Alternative Baseball to your community or joining a local program, visit Call 770-313-1762 with questions or for help filling out the online forms.

Want to watch the game? The organization hopes to publicly release an online recording in April for Autism Awareness Month.

baseball player swinging a bat at home plate
baseball player catching a ball in his mitt
baseball player running between bases
baseball player swing a bat with a catcher behind him at home plate
the team in red jerseys in their dugout