Breaking Ground 91 Arts - Lessons

by DEB Clark

You have taught me patience. I was never a patient person until you came into my world, but it soon became obvious that I would need tons of it.

You have taught me that imperfection is okay. I watched as you struggled to do things; not perfectly, but however they turned out was just fine.

You have taught me to slow down. Sometimes in life, things don't move along as quickly as you think they should. Rome wasn't built in a day and you didn't meet the timelines that children "ought" to. You did things in your time.

You have taught me to fight. I've always been a fighter, but when you came along fighting took on a whole new meaning. I shouldn't have had to fight for some things, but it was the only way to get them.

You have taught me to find joy in small things. I have learned that small things bring the greatest joy of all.

You taught me how to play. Just because other children loved a certain toy or it was the biggest seller of the season didn't mean that you would enjoy it. It was always enough to just sit near you, sharing our playful rapport.

You have taught me that it's possible for a child to eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies and still survive. Hiding broccoli in your mashed potatoes was not a good idea.

You have taught me that watching the same movie over and over and over can be entertaining. Ditto for bedtime stories.

I saved the greatest thing that you have taught me for last. You have taught me that sometimes someone will come into your life and from that moment on everything changes. You can experience a love so intense, so life changing, so special that you will never ever be the same. You have taught me that love. My life has been changed by so many things since you became a part of my world; a world that is rich beyond imagination.

Thank you for being my teacher. 

DEB Clark of Nolensville, Tennessee is the proud mother of Jesse, who is on the autism spectrum. Jesse is a much valued employee of Publix at McKays Mill in Franklin.