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General Fire Service

F100 - Firefighter Recruit I & II
F102 - Basic/Live Firefighting
F110-034 - Domestic Violence
F110 - Firefighter I & II Live Burn
F110-01 - Firefighter II Live Burn
F111 - Firefighter I Live Burn
F200 - Firefighter II
FF050 - Introduction to Fire & Emergency Services
FF100 - Basic Firefighting
FF110-043 - Reading Smoke
FF110-048 - Not Your Bread and Butter Incident Series
FF110-049 - S.O.P.'s 21st Century Vehicle Extrication (Strength, Obstacles, Power)
FF114 - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Using It
FF117 - Flammable Gas Firefighting Tactics (LP Gas)
FF136 - Arson Detection for the First Responder
FF150 - Basic Firefighting Refresher
FF159 - Rapid Intervention Team Operations
FF171 - Hazardous Materials Operations
FF175 - Firefighter Survival Get Out Alive
FF197-01 - Responding to Utility Emergencies
FF211 - Introduction to Strategy & Tactics
FF216 - Calling the Mayday
FF218 - Hazardous Materials Awareness
FF221 - National Traffic Incident Management
FF222 - Introduction to Fire Apparatus Specifications and Purchasing
FF247 - Medical Monitoring and Rehabilitation
FF248 - Highway Transportation Emergencies
FF249 - Firefighter Cancer
FF250 - Behavioral Health Awareness
FF253 - Introduction to Elevators
FF254 - Tactical Consideration for Restaurant Fires
FF255 - Active Shooter
FF264 - Managing the Mayday
FF269 - Decision Making
FF273 - Water Awareness
FF274 - Residential Concerns: Old House, Small House, Large House
FL101 - Modern Single Family Dwelling Fire Attack
FL102 - Thermal Imaging
FO101 - Fire Instructor I
FO102 - Fire Instructor II
FO120 - Conducting Live Fire Evolutions
FO200 - Introduction to Leadership
FO209 - Introduction to Scene Safety
FR100 - Smoke Diver
IO101 - Basic Firefighting Instructor Orientation
TFF050 - Introduction to Fire & Emergency Services TtT
TFF110-041 - Residential Smoke Alarm Installation TtT
TFF211 - Introduction to Strategy & Tactics TtT
TFO200 - Introduction to Leadership TtT
TFO209 - Introduction to Scene Safety TtT