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FP131 Fire and Life Safety Educator II


This course is designed to provide the public educator with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform as a fire and life safety educator as addressed in NFPA 1035. For those who practice the multidiscipline profession of fire and life safety educator (including uniformed fire service personnel and other professionals), topics include Addressing Community Risk, Resource Development and Appropriation, Communication with Leadership, Importance of Cost Benefit Analysis, Budget Proposals, Making Public Policy Recommendations, Evaluating Performance, Partnerships, How Learning Occurs, Developing Lesson Plans and Educational Material, and  Designing Fire and Life Safety Education Programs. The student will also develop presentation skills and learn how to formulate public education programs. At the end of this course, eligible students may take the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting Personnel and Standard Education certification exam for Fire and Life Safety Educator II.

Course Code



32 Hours


  • $133 per student on campus
  • $1,750 flat rate off campus


Fire and Life Safety Educator I


Must be at least 18 years of age.



Maximum Class Size


Required Student Materials

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Highlighter
  • Jones & Barlett Frie & Life Safety Educator, Principles & Practice 2nd Ed



Course Objectives

  • Students will be able to understand and implement planning processes, local political processes, leadership and applied learning theories.
  • Students will be able to understand and implement statistical analysis methods, resource identification and acquisitions, networking, partnership and coalition strategies.
  • Students will be able to understand and implement lesson plans, evaluation techniques, budget preparation, management and needs assessments for Fire and Life Safety programs.

Other Notes



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