October 20, 2017 SBE Meeting

I.             Consent Items (Voice Vote)

                A.             Adoption of Agenda

                B.             Approval of Minutes from July 28, 2017 and August 25, 2017

                C.             Confirmation of Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee Members
                                 Item to confirm the members of the 2017-18 BEP Review Committee.

II.            Action Items (First Reading)

                 A.            2017-18 Special Courses 
                                 First reading of list of special courses that are part of a district's course offering to be approved for
                                 one, three, or six years.

                 B.            Course Approval
                                 First reading of new courses and revised course standards for courses within the Advanced
                                 Manufacturing, Business Management & Administration, Finance, Health Science, Human Services,
                                 Information Technology, and Marketing career clusters. This item also presents a new General Education
                                 Exploratory course, Tennessee Student Success.  

                 C.            High School Policy 2.103
                                 First reading of item to adopt an alternate academic diploma for students assessed on the alternate
                                 assessment; update requirements for graduation with distinction; and update the requirements for the
                                 inclusion of scores from End of Course exams into a student’s final grade. 
                                 Attachment 1                            Attachment 7                                    Attachment 13
                                 Attachment 2                            Attachment 8                                    Attachment 14
                                 Attachment 3                            Attachment 9                                    Attachment 15
                                 Attachment 4                            Attachment 10                                  Attachment 16
                                 Attachment 5                            Attachment 11
                                 Attachment 6                            Attachment 12

                  D.           Administrative Rules: State Special Schools, Rule 0520-04-03
                                 First reading of item to update the criteria for admission to the Tennessee School for the Blind,     
                                 Tennessee School for the Deaf, and West Tennessee School for the Deaf.

                  E.            HIV/AIDS Policy for Students and Employees of Tennessee Public Schools, Policy 5.300
                                  First reading of item to update the HIV/AIDS Policy.

                  F.             Administration of Medication for Adrenal Insufficiency, Rule 0520-01-13
                                  First reading of item to set guidelines for the administration of medication for adrenal insufficiency in
                                  compliance with Public Chapter 84.

                  G.            Administration of Medication in a School Setting Policy 4.205          
                                  First reading of item to update Policy 4.205, formerly titled Guidelines for the Use of Healthcare
                                  Professionals and Health Procedures in a School Setting, to reflect the statutory requirements.
                                  Attachment 1 and Attachment 2

                  H.            Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards (TN ELDS)
                                  First reading of item to update the Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards.

                   I.             Educator Licensure Policy 5.502 
                                  First reading of item to add American Sign Language to the list of active endorsements that can be
                                  issued on a teaching license.

                    J.            Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105
                                  First reading of item to require that all initial licensure candidates submit a passing score on one of
                                  the Principles of Learning and Teaching tests if there is not an approved edTPA in the specialty area. In
                                  addition adds assessments for American Sign Language endorsement.

                    K.           Educator Preparation Policy 5.504
                                   First  reading of item to update the formatting of the literacy standards to increase clarity and to add
                                   specialty area standards for American Sign Language.

                  L.              Promotion and Retention Policy 3.300
                                   First reading of item to update the promotion and retention policy to focus on supporting student
                                   promotion rather than retention. Outlines requirements schools and districts must take prior to a
                                   retention decision.

                  M.            Alternative Educator Programs Policy 2.302
                                    First reading of item to update the policy to remove outdated information and include best practices
                                    for alternative schools.
                                    Attachment 1 and Attachment 2

                  N.               Charter School Performance Framework
                                     First reading of updates to the State Board’s charter school performance framework to align it to the
                                     state’s new accountability system under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

                  O.              Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance Policy 4.208
                                     First reading of an item to update the formatting of the Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance Policy
                                     to align with current Board practices.

III.              Action Items (Final Reading)

                   A.              World Language Standards
                                     Final reading of newly revised World Language standards. The standards are included for grades
                                     K-8 and the options for high school courses.  These standards, if approved, will be implemented
                                     in the 2019-20 school year.

                    B.              Uniform Clothing for Public School Students Policy 4.203
                                      Final reading of an item to update the formatting of the Uniform Clothing for Public School
                                      Students Policy to align with current Board practices.

                    C.              Physical Activity Policy 4.206
                                      Final reading to update the policy to reflect legislative changes to the requirements for physical

                    D.              School Attendance Policy 4.100
                                      Final reading to update the policy to reflect recent legislative changes made in Public Chapter 96
                                      as well as other legal requirements related to attendance. 

                     E.              Education of Incarcerated Students, Rule 0520-01-12
                                       Final reading to establish policies and procedures for the education of students incarcerated in
                                       juvenile detention centers.

                     F.                Charter School Enrollment, Rule 0520-14-01-.04
    Final reading to provide clarity around charter school enrollment and align the rule to Public Chapter                                           307.

                     G.             Charter School Waiver Requests, Rule 0520-14-02
                                      Final reading to update and provide clarity to the procedures for charter school waivers.

                     H.              Achievement School District, Rule 0520-14-03
                                       Final reading to update the waiver requirements for schools in the Achievement School District.

                      I.                List of State Approved Textbooks – Section C (Science, PE/Wellness & Health, Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre
                                        Arts, Dance, and Media Arts), CTE Arts, A/V Technology & Communication and Anatomy & Physiology)

                                        Final reading of the list of approved textbooks – Section C.  State law requires the State Board of
                                        Education  to approve a list of textbooks for adoption by school districts.
                                        Attachment 1 and Attachment 2

                      J.                 Non-Substantive Changes to Math, English Language Arts (ELA), and Science Standards               
                                         Final reading of item to correct minor mistakes related to typographical errors, punctuation,
                                         misspellings, inconsistencies, and formatting in the mathELA, and science standards.  

                     K.                 Uniform Grading Policy 3.301
                                          First reading to clarify procedures for awarding quality points for students who have completed AP,
                                          Cambridge, or IB courses or courses aligned with an Industry Certification or CLEP exam.

                      L.                 English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Policy 3.207
                                         Final reading of an item to amend the ESL Program Policy to clarify ESL service requirements and to
                                         include additional definitions. 

                     M.                Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools, Rule 0502-01-03
                                          Final reading of a rule to amend the requirements for students with disabilities taking End of Course

                      N.                High School Policy 2.103
                                          Item to amend the requirements for students with disabilities taking End of Course assessments
                                          This policy aligns with the Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools Rule also on
                                          final reading.

                      O.                 Educator Licensure, Rule 0520-02-03-.09
                                            Final reading of changes for Board disciplinary action for particular types of infractions.  

                      P.                   Individualized Education Accounts, Rule 0520-01-11
                                            Final reading of updates to align the rules with recently passed legislation.

                       Q.                 Approved High School Courses Policy 3.205                               
Final reading of item that adds American Sign Language as an approved foreign language course

                       R.                 Charter School LEA Policies 4502 and 6317
                                            Final reading of minor clarifications in two policies governing the State Board’s role as a charter
                                            school authorizer. The clarifications occur in the Parent Involvement and Engagement Policy (4502)
                                            and the Required Remands and Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority Policy (6317).

                        S.                 State Identified Reward Schools                                  
Final reading of the state’s 2017 Reward Schools.

                        T.                 Ann​ual Performance Goals for 2017-18 District Accountability                                              
                                            Final reading of the state and LEA annual performance goals for the 2017-18 school year

IV.                   Charter Appeals

                        A.                "THE” Academy All Girls Charter School
                                            Final reading of the appeal by “THE” Academy All Girls Charter School to the State Board of

                        B.                 Rich ED Academy of Leaders                                                      
Final reading of the appeal by Rich ED Academy of Leaders to the State Board of Education.

V.                     Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) Default Actions

                         A.               TSAC Defaults
                                            Final reading of the list of individuals who hold a teaching license and who have been identified by
                                            the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation as being in default on a student loan pursuant to
                                            T.C.A. 49-5-108(d)(2).

VI.                   Teacher License Actions

                         A.               Thomas Andrews – Automatic Revocation

                        B.                Patrick Bruce – Automatic Revocation                                                

                        C.                William K. Carter – Revocation

                        D.                Melinda Easterling – Formal Reprimand

                        E.                Rebecca Feher – Revocation

                        F.                 James Freeman – Revocation

                        G.               This item was removed from the agenda prior to the meeting

                        H.               Billy Hoffman – Automatic Revocation

                         I.                Jamie Layne – This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting

                         J.                Joseph F. Luetkemeyer – Revocation

                        K.               Susan Caul Meeks – Revocation

                        L.               Gary K. Potter – This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting

                        M.              Monrita Tate – Revocation

                        N.               ​Quanah Thompson – Two (2) Year Suspension

                        O.               Michelle Villarreal – This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting

                         P.                Lee Brian Walker – Automatic Revocation

                         Q.               Terry Williams – Revocation

                         R.               Linda Wright – 3 Month Suspension, Retroactive

VII.                  Adjournment