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Licensure Actions

We are currently updating this page to contain additional information about educator licensure decisions. Please check back soon.

Teacher Licensure Actions

A. John Angeline – Suspension, concurrent
B. Erica Brooks –Revocation
C. Jim Clark – Revocation
D. Bonnie Conn – Revocation
E. Lee Andrew Daniels – Revocation
F. Becky Glover – Formal reprimand
G. Emily Haney – Revocation
H. Brandon Hanson – Revocation
I. Erik Hutchins – Revocation
J. Sheri Hyatt – Agreed Order, voluntary surrender
K. Eve Jarboe – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment program
L. Jennifer Jarrell – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment
M. Kent Leatherwood – Revocation
N. Regina McMillian – Revocation
O. Brett Thomas Meredith – Revocation
P. Jarrett Owens – Revocation
Q. This item was removed at the meeting
R. Gary K. Potter – Seventeen (17) month suspension and proof of competed
treatment program
S. Lindsey Shadwick – Revocation
T. Honey Spalvins – Eighteen (18) month suspension
U. Zachary Taylor – Revocation
V. Jeremey Varnell – Revocation
W. Amanda Weber – Two (2) year suspension and proof of completed treatment

A. William Haynes – Reinstatement Application
B. Derrick Holmes – Denial of Initial Licensure

A. William Haynes – Reinstatement
B. This item was removed from the agenda when this item was presented.

A. George Ian Alley – Revocation
B. Ann Chilcoat – Two (2) year suspension
C. James Todd Cotton – Two (2) year suspension
D. Tad Cummins – Revocation
E. Adam Floyd – Deny license
F. Jennifer Griva – Revocation
G. This item was pulled from the agenda at the meeting
H. Cory Hunter – Deny license
I. Stacy P. Mason – Revocation
J. Eva Musgray – Revocation
K. Nathan O’Connell – Revocation
L. Tracy Dion Hill Riggs – Revocation
M. Jordan Shipley – Formal reprimand
N. Ashley Stroud – Two (2) year retroactive suspension
O. Benjamin Tollett – One (1) year suspension

A. Thomas Andrews – Automatic Revocation
B. Patrick Bruce – Automatic Revocation
C. William K. Carter – Revocation
D. Melinda Easterling – Formal Reprimand
E. Rebecca Feher – Revocation
F. James Freeman – Revocation
G. This item was removed from the agenda prior to the meeting
H. Billy Hoffman – Automatic Revocation
I. This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting
J. Joseph F. Luetkemeyer – Revocation
K. Susan Caul Meeks – Revocation
L. This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting
M. Monrita Tate – Revocation
N. Quanah Thompson – Two (2) Year Suspension
O. This item was removed from the agenda during the meeting
P. Lee Brian Walker – Automatic Revocation
Q. Terry Williams – Revocation
R. Linda Wright – 3 Month Suspension, Retroactive

A. Kendra Grisham – Revocation
B. William Harwood – Suspension, one year
C. Bradley Martin -- Revocation
D. Foster Montgomery – Suspension, one year
E. Bethany Parsons – Formal Reprimand
F. Andrea Patterson – Revocation
G. James Sales – Revocation
H. James Sanders – Revocation
I. Patricia Thomas – Voluntary Surrender
J. Peter Wade – Suspension
K. Heather Wardlaw – Revocation 

A. Tracy Hill-Riggs – Suspension, One (1) Year
B. Bernadette Hodges - Revocation
C. Fleming Ivory – Revocation
D. Zachary Oglesby – Revocation
E. Nathan Powell – Denial of Reinstatement
F. William Sturdivant – Formal Reprimand
G. Felippia Turner-Kellogg – Denial of Reinstatement

A. Sarah Daily – Suspension, two (2) years
B. Carl Masters Jr. – Denial of reinstatement
C. Heather Mummert – Revocation
D. Jill Pierce-Hobbs – Suspension, two (2) years
E. Lindsay Walton -- Revocation
F. William Wells -- Revocation

A. Ronnie Bray – Formal Reprimand
B. Robert Campbell – Suspension, two (2) years retroactive
C. Rebecca Cassel – Suspension, one (1) year
D. Dustin Cox – Suspension, concurrent
E. Angie Dickerson – Formal Reprimand
F. Danial Doyle – Revocation
G. Donna Harvey-Lacey – Suspension, one (1) year, retroactive
H. Kristen Seay – Suspension, one (1) year, retroactive
I. Leon Tolley – Suspension, concurrent
J. Leann Walker – Suspension, one (1) year, retroactive

A. Carrie L. Cunningham – Revocation
B. Mickey Charles Glass – Revocation
C. William S. Haynes – Restoration
D. Patisa Kielau – Formal Reprimand
E. Derek Marlow – Restoration
F. Franklin Roy Mitchell – Revocation
G. Barry Moody – Revocation, concurrent
K. Edward B. Snyder - Suspension, one (1) year
L. Patrick O. Thompson - Restoration
M. David Michael Walker - Suspension, concurrent

A. Spurgeon Banyard – Revocation
B. Edward Esslinger – Reinstatement
C. Thomas Farmer – Reinstatement
D. Samuel Hays – Denial of Application
E. Emily Tubb (Magill) – Reinstatement
F. Jordan Manning – Denial of Application
G. Lisa Phillips – Revocation
H. Michael Price – Formal Reprimand
I. Taylor Rowland – Forman Reprimand
J. Amber Selman – Suspension, two (2) years
K. Edward Snyder – Suspension, eighteen (18) months
L. Keith Stafford – Denial of Application
M. Christy Street – Suspension, one (1) year
N. Jason Thompson – Revocation
O. Ruby Williams – Denial of Application
P. Sharon Williams – Suspension concurrent with other jurisdiction
Q. James Wilson – Revocation

A. Leslie Acree –Revocation
B. This item was pulled from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting
C. Gregory Doty – Denial of Application
D. Chris Fain – Formal Reprimand
E. Marco Flores – Revocation
F. Eric Good – Revocation
G. Angel Goodman – Revocation
H. Debra Sellars – Suspension, Concurrent
I. Thomas Tjornehoj – Formal Reprimand
J. Willie Whisman – Revocation

A. Corey Alexander – Revocation
B. Haley Beasley – Revocation, concurrent
C. Brandon Todd Belue – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
D. Thelma Diane Davis – Revocation
E. Tawnya Davis – Formal Reprimand
F. Crystal Draper – Denial
G. David Drissom – Formal Reprimand
H. Jermaine Johnson – Revocation
I. Jacklyn T. McKinnie – Revocation
J. Erin T. Pierce – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
K. Tammy Potter-Johnson – Formal Reprimand
L. Shelvie Rose – Revocation
M.Tammy Jo Sills – Formal Reprimand
N. Larry E. Stewart – Revocation, concurrent
O. Daniel Wynkoop – Revocation

A. Aimee Cooley – Revocation, concurrent
B. Michael D. Droese – Revocation
C. Essam Elia – Denial
D. Sarah Jo Frost – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
E. Steve Holmes – Revocation
F. LaVar Jernigan – Revocation
G. Terry Long – Revocation, concurrent
H. Jadice Moore – Revocation
I. Amariah Robb – Suspension, three (3) years, with contingency
J. William Howard Scudder – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
K. James Ray Williams – RevocationL. Nicholas Wooster – Revocation, concurrent

A. Anderson, RonaldB.- Revocation, automatic
B. Brown, Robert E.- Formal Reprimand
C. Bryant, Kimberly Ann Atkinson- Denial of Reinstatement
D. Depriest, Devri A.- Revocation
E. Dunavant, Joseph Tillman- Revocation
F. Farmer, Thomas A. – Revocation, concurrent, with contingency
G. Fromby, Allegra- Revocation, concurrent
H. Hamrick, Jason- Formal Reprimand
I. Hathaway, Kacey Jo- Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
J. Hawkins, Marilou Morgan- Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
K. Hudson, Greg- Suspension, one (1) year
L. Jennings, Marcus- Revocation
M. Kelley, Earl Scott- Revocation, automatic
N. Marchionda, Albert- Revocation, automatic
O. Matthews, Andrea- Formal Reprimand
P. Mitts, Jennifer- Suspension, one (1) year
Q. Mora, Reynaldo- Revocation
R. Phipps, Travis- Revocation, concurrent
S. Raines, Ashley Lynn- Revocation
T. Smith, Jill Hill- Revocation, concurrent
U. Smith, Kelly A.- Revocation
V. Swafford, James – Denial of Reinstatement
W.Totty, Charles Adam- Denial, concurrent
X. Wilburn, Arlen- Revocation
Y. Yokely, Jarral- Denial of Reinstatement

A. Jeremy Allen – Formal Reprimand
B. Kendall Bell – Revocation
C. Brian Berkowitz – Revocation
D. LaTorrence Bivens – Revocation
E. Laketa Bowles – Denial
F. Marcus Bragg – Revocation
G. Bernadette Buckhalter – Forma Reprimand
H. Ryan Burke – Revocation 
I. Dixie Cortez – Suspension, concurrent
J. April Dodd – Suspension, one (1) year, retroactive
K. Bethany Dyer – Revocation
L. Alex Evans – Revocation, concurrent
M. Sandra Farris – Formal Reprimand
N. Daryl Finley – Revocation, concurrent
O. Erica Griffin – Denial
P. Gary Hawkins – Revocation
Q. Darren Henrie – Revocation
R. Edward Hopkins – Formal Reprimand
S. Natalie Hunt – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency
T. Sandra Ledford – Revocation
U. Gregory Matthews – Formal Reprimand, with contingency
V. Kerrie Miles – Suspension, three (3) years
W. Richard Brandon Rohr – Suspension, two (2) years, with contingency
X. Hilary Williams – Suspension, concurrent
Y. Mary Ann Williams – Revocation