October 24, 2013 Workshop

12:00 PM         Welcome                                            
Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:05 PM         Tennessee Results and National Comparisons                                        
Commissioner Kevin Huffman

12:20 PM          Conditions for Learning Support            
Mr. Mike Herrmann
Dr. Rebecca Johns-Wommack

12:40 PM          Coordinated School Health UpdateCSH Flyer       
Dr. Rebecca Johns-Wommack

1:00 PM            Educator Preparation and Administrator Licensure Update             
Dr. Sara Heyburn

1:30 PM            State Science Standards                      
Dr. Gary Nixon
Ms. Emily Barton

1:45 PM            Revision of Career and Technical Education Courses
Dr. Kathleen Airhart
Dr. Danielle Mezera

2:15PM            TCAP Verification                             
Ms. Erin O’Hara
Ms. Emily Barton                                                               

2:45 PM            BEP Report Update and Recommendations    
Dr. Scott Eddins   

3:15 PM            Questions on Agenda Items                   
Chairman Fielding Rolston

3:30PM                  Adjournment