State Report Card

The department wants parents and families, elected officials, education stakeholders, and community members to have easy-to-understand information about Tennessee schools and districts. The State Report Card is an important tool for families, educators, communities, and elected officials to understand how our schools and districts are serving all our students.

The 2021-22 State Report Card has been enhanced to include a dashboard of detailed, easy-to-understand information about the key indicators that the state uses to understand school and district performance. State-level data is also provided as a reference to understand how schools and districts are performing in comparison with others across the state.

Click the image above to access the 2021-22 State Report Card

Schools, districts, parents and community members can access previously published State Report Card data via Data Downloads. Districts can also access previously published Report Card data from InformTN. A crosswalk on where and how to locate the information of interest in InformTN is available here.