April 14, 2016 Workshop

11:30 AM                              Lunch

12:30 PM                              Welcome        

Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:35 PM                              Math and English Language Arts Standards   

Ms. Laura Encalade

12:50 PM                              Educator Talent Update on Differentiated Pay         

Ms. Sylvia Flowers

1:10 PM                                 Update on Teacher Preparation Report Card           

Ms. Laura Encalade

1:20 PM                                 Licensure and Preparation  
                                                 Attachment 1 - Educator Preparation Info graphic     
Dr. Paul Fleming                  Attachment 2 - Educator Preparation Policy FAQ                                    

1:50 PM                                 2014-15 Evaluation Report                                           

Dr. Paul Fleming

2:10 PM                                 Assessment Standards Setting Process                    

Dr. Nakia Towns

2:30 PM                                 Accountability Updates                                                 

Dr. Nakia Towns

2:50 PM                                 High School Policy                                                          

Ms. Laura Encalade and Dr. Nakia Towns

3:00 PM                                 Work Based Learning                                                    

Dr. Danielle Mezera

3:20 PM                                 Governor’s Council for the Education of Students with Disabilities Report
                                                 on Restraint and Isolation Data

Mr. Chip Fair

3:30 PM                                 Licensure Actions                                                            

Mr. Philip Cramer

3:55 PM                                 Questions on Agenda Items                                        

Chairman Fielding Rolston

4:05 PM                                 Adjournment