Master Plan

Our Mission

The mission of the Tennessee State Board of Education (State Board) is to ensure rules, policies and systems are in place so that all students are prepared for success after graduation.

Our Master Plan

T.C.A. § 49-1-302 charges the State Board with developing and maintaining a master plan for public education, kindergarten through grade twelve, and providing recommendations to the executive branch, the general assembly and the local boards of education and directors of schools regarding the use of public funds for education.

The master plan provides a lens through which all stakeholders can examine state-level efforts to determine if rules and policies are positioning school districts to prepare Tennessee students for workforce, post-secondary success, and productive citizenship. The master plan is regularly updated and shared publicly with the State Board’s intention to serve all students and to act with transparency. 

Master Plan Annual Report

The Master Plan Annual Report outlines the State Board’s key focus areas, the steps we have taken over the last year to strengthen rules, policies, and systems, and Tennessee’s state-wide outcomes to date.

Previous Master Plans