July 25, 2013 Workshop

12:00 PM           Welcome
Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:05 PM           Setting of 2014 Board Meetings 
Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:10 PM           Chamber of Commerce and TBR 
Mr. Ron Corbin
Ms. Catherine Glover
Ms. Cassie Lynn

12:20 PM           TCAP Results 
Commissioner Kevin Huffman

12:35 PM           Teacher Performance Assessment 
Dr. Marcy Singer-Gabella

1:00 PM              Common Core State Standards PARCC 
Ms. Emily Barton

1:25 PM              Next Generation Science Standards 
Dr. Sally Pardue

1:50 PM              Social Studies Standards 
Mr. Jared Myracle

2:10 PM              Licensure 
Dr. Sara Heyburn

2:40 PM               Evaluation Update
Dr. Sara Heyburn

3:00 PM               Attendance Rules
Ms. Dannelle Walker

3:20 PM               ESL Standards
Mr. Joey Hassell/Ms. Jan Lanier

3:40 PM               Integrated Math Proposal 
Mr. David Williams

4:00 PM              Questions on Agenda Items 
Chairman Fielding Rolston

4:15 PM              Adjournment