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July 23, 2015 Workshop

12:00 PM  Lunch

1:00 PM  Welcome                                                                            

Chairman Fielding Rolston

1:05 PM  Student Achievement Results                                   

Commissioner Candice McQueen

1:25 PM  Charter Appeals                                                                             

Ms. Tess Stovall

1:55 PM  Educator Survey Results                                                              

Mr. Nate Schwartz

2:25 PM  Standards Review Update                                          

Ms. Laura Encalade

Ms. Debra Bentley, Johnson City Schools

2:40 PM  Preparation Program Approval Update                 

Dr. Paul Fleming

2:45 PM  Evaluation Policy Changes                                           

Dr. Paul Fleming

3:15 PM  2016 Board Meeting Dates                                          

Chairman Fielding Rolston

3:20 PM  Questions on Agenda Items                                       

Chairman Fielding Rolston