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September 24, 2015 Workshop

10:00 AM                   Welcome                        
                                     Chairman Fielding Rolston

10:05 AM                   Licensure Policy Update    
                                    Dr. Amy Wooten

10:30 AM                 Individualized Education Accounts Update
                                    Ms. Rebecca Wright

10:45 AM                  Summary of Assessment Task Force  
                                    Mr. Stephen Smith

10:50 AM                  BEP Update
                                   Mr. Stephen Smith

11:15 AM                 Charter Authorization 
                                   Ms. Tess Stovall

11:40 PM                  Licensure Cases           
                                   Mr. Philip Cramer

12:10 PM                  Questions on Agenda Items              
                                    Chairman Fielding Rolston

12:15 PM                  Adjournment