July 26, 2013 Board Meeting

I.        Consent Items (Voice Vote)

           A.       Adoption of Agenda

           B.       Approval of Minutes from April 19, 2013 and June 21, 2013.

          C.        End-of-Course (EOC) Weighting Rule Amendment
                     Consent reading of language to align rule and policy.

          D.       Tennessee School Bus Technical Revision
                     Consent reading of a technical correction relative to school bus accessory specifications.

II.       Action Items (First Reading)

           A.       Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollment, Rule
                      First reading of a rule aligning Pre-K and Kindergarten enrollment dates with statute.

           B.       State Attendance Guidelines, Rule
                     First reading of rules relative to pupil attendance.

           C.       Textbook Commission, Rule
                      First reading of a rule changing the bond requirements for textbook publishers.

           D.       Approved High School Courses:  Mathematics
                      First reading of approved courses for mathematics.
                      Algebra I
                      Algebra II 
                      Core Math I 
                      Core Math II 
                      Core Math III         
                      Tier III Mathematics Intervention

           E.        Approved High School Courses:  English Language Arts
                      First reading of approved courses for English Language Arts.
                      Tier III English Language Arts Intervention

           F.        Textbooks, Section IV (Social Studies)
                      First reading of the list of approved textbooks for social studies.

           G.       English as a Second Language Standards
                      First reading of ESL standards to create alignment with Common Core State Standards.

III.      Action Items (Final Reading)

            A.       Approved High School Courses
                      Final reading of the policy change that clarifies mathematics course substitutions.

           B.       Category III Non-Public School Approval Process, Rule
                      Final reading of a rule clarifying approved regional accrediting agencies.

           C.       Social Studies Standards
                     Final reading of student learning standards in Social Studies, grades K-12.

           D.       Special Education Programs and Services, Rule 
                     Final reading of an amendment to the rules regarding the definition of an Individual Education Plan.

           E.       Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy
                     Final reading of revisions to the policy regarding evaluator certification.

           F.       Educator Licensure & Preparation Policies & Rules 
                     Final reading of the policies and rules related to the licensing of professional educators.
                     Attachment 1: Educator Licensure (Rule 0520-02-03)
                     Attachment 2: Educator Licensure Policy (5.502)
                     Attachment 3: License Renewal or Advancement Review Policy (5.503)
                     Attachment 4: Educator Preparation (Rule 0520-02-04)
                     Attachment 5: Professional Assessments (5.105)

          G.       Basic Education Program (BEP) 2.0 Allocations for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
                     Final reading of state funding allocations for fiscal year 2013-2014.

          H.       Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee Appointments
                     Final reading of the BEP Review Committee appointments.

           I.        Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy 5.201 - THIS ITEM WAS REMOVED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MEETING
                     Final reading of amendments to processes, policies, and procedures relative to the evaluation of teachers and                         principals.   

           J.       Election of Chair and Vice-Chair of the State Board of Education
                    Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for the State Board of Education for the next four years.      

          K.      End-of-Course (EOC) Weighting Rule Amendment
                    Final reading of language to align rule and policy.             

IV.      Teacher License Actions 

            A.      Gregory N. Alford – Denial of restoration               

            B.      Natalie Blackmon – Revocation

            C.      Chris Ann Hobson – Suspension, concurrent

            D.       Sara Nicole Hyden – Revocation, concurrent

            E.       Kelly Michelle Julian – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency

            F.        Darrin Miller – Revocation

           G.       Clarence Mumford – Revocation

           H.       Clarence Mumford, Jr. – Revocation

           I.         Kelly Painter – Suspension, concurrent

           J.         James M. Perdue –Denial of restoration

          K.        Jared Phy – Suspension, one (1) year, with contingency

          L.        Carl Smith – Revocation

          M.        Andrew Wilkinson – Suspension

V.      Adjournment