Licensure Reporting

Licensure Discipline Reports (including the Initial Director’s Report, Final Report, and any investigative materials/additional documentation) must be submitted to the State Board through TNCompass by the Director of Schools or their designee. This information must be submitted in TNCompass through the Disciplinary Review wizard, as a request for a review. Once information is submitted in TNCompass, State Board attorneys will review the request to determine if the educator’s license or permit should be placed under State Board Review. The Director of Schools or their designee and the educator will receive an email notifying them whether or not the educator’s license or permit has been placed under review.

The State Board will continue to accept Director’s Initial and Final Reports and additional documentation via fax, e-mail, or mail if submission via TNCompass is not accessible or feasible due to extenuating circumstances. Private school directors who do not have access to TNCompass may also submit reports via fax, e-mail, or mail.

Reporting Resources for Directors of Schools


Please contact the State Board’s attorneys or paralegals for further assistance and guidance by phone at (615) 741-2966 or by email at

If you encounter technical issues with TNCompass, please contact TNCompass support by phone at (877) 314-1412 or by email at your investigative materials/additional documentation includes audio or video recordings, those can be submitted to the State Board via email at or to the State Board’s address to attention of Educator Licensure Discipline.