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Important Information from the Department of Revenue  23-12: Taxability of Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids (tn.gov)


Hemp Producer, Propagator, Broker Application
A license must be obtained in order to grow hemp in Tennessee.

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Harvesting Hemp in Tennessee

This is an exciting time for hemp production in Tennessee. In an effort to streamline the regulatory process for farmers, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture offers the following guidelines:

Do I need a movement permit?

You must have a movement permit before transporting rooted hemp plants and/or transporting harvested hemp to a processor for commercial purposes. Although it’s not required in all instances, we strongly encourage you to have a permit before moving any hemp plants or plant material. It takes only a few minutes to apply for a movement permit online here.

Do I need to carry my hemp growing license?

Although it’s not required, we strongly encourage you to carry your hemp growing license when transporting any hemp plants or plant material.

Questions for Us?

Email industrial.hemp@tn.gov or call 615-837-5070.

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Role: The Tennessee Department of Agriculture coordinates the rules and regulations of hemp production through Tennessee's hemp program.

Contact Information: Email industrial.hemp@tn.gov or call 615-837-5070

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Role: UT Extension helps Tennesseans to improve their quality of life and solve problems through the application of research and evidenced-based knowledge about agriculture and natural resources.

Contact Information: Call or email your local extension office. Full list of county offices is available here.

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  • How do I plant this crop?
  • Do you have soil amendment suggestions?
  • How much water should these plants get?
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Role: The Farm Service Agency supports farms and farming communities with programs including disaster relief, conservation programs, commodity price guarantee programs, and loan programs.

Contact Information:

Website: Farm Service Agency
Contact: Contact the Farm Service Agency
Local Offices: Find the Farm Service Agency Office Near You

Main Address: 1400 Independence Ave., SW, STOP 0506, Washington, DC 20250-0506

Forms: Farm Service Agency Forms

Government branch: Executive Department Sub-Office/Agency/Bureau

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