NPS Success Stories

This website features waterbodies identified as being primarily nonpoint source-impaired and having achieved documented water quality improvements. Projects described here have received funding from EPA section 319, and in many cases, other funding sources dedicated to solving nonpoint source impairments. Water quality improvements are demonstrated through the achievement of water quality standards for one or more pollutants/uses (i.e. removal from Tennessee's section 303(d) list of impaired waters); measured in-stream reduction in a pollutant; or measured improvement in a parameter that indicates stream health (e.g., increases in fish or macroinvertebrate counts). These stories also describe innovative strategies used to reduce nonpoint source pollution, the growth of partnerships and a diversity of funding sources.

Map of the State of Tennessee's Nonpoint Source Success Story Watersheds
Statewide map showing the location of watersheds in which one or more streams have been restored, in part due to nonpoint source best management practices. Click on the waterbody name below to learn more.