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Meet the Staff

Agriculture Commissioner, Dr. Charlie Hatcher

Dr. Charlie Hatcher, Commissioner
(615) 837-5100
Dr. Charlie Hatcher was appointed by Governor Bill Lee and sworn in as Tennessee's 38th Commissioner of Agriculture in January 2019. Prior to becoming Commissioner, Hatcher served as the State Veterinarian for Tennessee for a decade. In that role, he protected the health and welfare of animals within the state and promoted the marketability of animals and animal products. Hatcher is a tenth generation American farmer and fifth generation Tennessee farmer.  

Agriculture Deputy Commissioner, Tom Womack

Tom Womack, Deputy Commissioner
(615) 837-5103
Tom Womack oversees day-to-day operations for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, directing staff, programs and services ranging from food safety, animal and plant health, pesticides and consumer protection to forestry and agricultural development. With three decades of experience working for the state and its citizens, Womack spent the majority of his tenure with the department as its spokesman and director of communications. Womack's farming background includes tobacco and hay production and beef cattle.

Agriculture Assistant Commissioner, Larry Maxwell

Larry Maxwell, Assistant Commissioner for Administration and Grants
(615) 837-5111
Larry Maxwell has served as the department's chief fiscal officer for more than 40 years. In addition to ensuring the financial integrity in programs and services, he also provides administrative oversight of the Commodity Distribution program, which distributes USDA surplus foods to schools and charitable organizations. He directs the work of the Water Resources program, which provides federal and state financial assistance to help landowners protect soil and water resources.

Agriculture Asst. Commissioner, Carol Coley McDonald

Carol Coley McDonald, Assistant Commissioner for Policy and Legislation
(615) 837-5172 
Carol McDonald serves as the department's liaison to the Tennessee General Assembly and directs policy and program development in areas ranging from food safety, pesticides and consumer protection to forestry and agricultural development. She also supervises the Agricultural Crime Unit, which provides a range of security and investigative services to aid rural communities. Prior to joining the department in 2011, she served as an Extension agent in Smith County, coordinating 4-H activities. She has also worked in education and has extensive experience in agribusiness.

Agriculture Asst. Commissioner for Public Affairs, Corinne Gould

Corinne Gould, Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs
(615) 837-5207
Corinne Gould oversees internal and external communications and provides administrative support for media relations, policy development and all agency programs. Gould has more than 10 years of experience as a television news producer in the broadcast industry and was recognized with a regional Emmy award and a national Emmy award nomination. She previously served the department as director of communications.

Agriculture Asst. Commissioner, Keith Harrison

Keith Harrison, Assistant Commissioner for Consumer and Industry Services
(615) 837-5152
Keith Harrison is responsible for the administration and implementation of regulatory programs affecting consumer protection and safety. His responsibilities include food and dairy; weights and measures; petroleum quality; feed, seed and fertilizers; grain dealers and warehouses; pesticides; plant and animal health; laboratory services and prevention of youth access to tobacco.

Agriculture Assistant Commissioner, Ed Harlan

Ed Harlan, Assistant Commissioner for Agricultural Advancement
(615) 837-5165
Ed Harlan has been with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture since 2003 and is responsible for directing marketing, promotion and development activities. Harlan is a farmer, businessman and former Maury County executive. During Harlan's time at TDA, he has developed strategic plans to expand current business and grow new business within Tennessee's agriculture sector and established close working relationships with agencies and businesses statewide to ensure greatest cooperation and customer service. His efforts over the past few years have contributed to an increase in corporate and on-farm investments in Tennessee.

David Arnold, State Forester and Assistant Commissioner, 2018

David Arnold, State Forester and Assistant Commissioner for Forestry
(615) 837-5435
David Arnold is responsible for directing the activities of the Division of Forestry in state forest management, wildfire prevention and suppression, reforestation, landowner assistance programs, forest health initiatives, urban forestry programs and forest inventory. A native of Franklin County, Tennessee, Arnold joined the agency in 1990 as an area forester in Union County.

Agriculture Director of Human Resources, Liz Sneed

Liz Sneed, Director for Human Resources
(615) 837-5115
Liz Sneed has served as the department's Human Resources Director with oversight of all human resources functions since 2006. This includes but is not limited to benefits, classification/compensation, employee relations, payroll and HR transactions. Sneed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Western Kentucky University. She has completed one year of graduate coursework at Middle Tennessee State University in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Agriculture General Counsel, Theresa Denton

Theresa Denton, General Counsel
(615) 837-5280
Theresa Denton directs the department's legal work in all areas of responsibility. She directs legal research and represents the department in civil and regulatory proceedings as well as other legal matters. She served two years as Deputy General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. She also served as Environmental Legal Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation from 1994 to 2005, and as a staff attorney for the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute.