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1.07.22: USDA Approval Letter for The Tennessee Department of Agriculture's Hemp Plan

12.17.2021: The Tennessee State Hemp Plan has been approved by the USDA. Please see the below link for more information.

FSA has not announced the Acreage Reporting deadline for 2023 Hemp.  The predicted date is mid-July 2023.

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USDA announces changes to hemp crop insurance (Successful Farming)
Today the USDA announced the expansion of the pilot Multi-Peril Crop Insurance plan for hemp. Expansion and other changes to the plan will be effective in the 2021 crop year.

May 26, 2020
2019 Hemp Variety Trials in Tennessee

February 6, 2020 - USDA Announces Details of Risk Management Programs for Hemp Producers


UT website dedicated to information on Specialty Crops including tobacco and hemp

Hemp Disease and Pest Management

All producers must be inspected by TDA and each variety/grow area must be sampled as described in the USDA Final Rule. Inspections will continue to be done by TDA inspectors at no charge. Sampling will be conducted by AgWin Hats. AgWin/HATS prices will change on January 2,2023.  The new prices will be $350 for the first sample, $225 for samples 2,3 & 4.  The price for all samples taken over 4 on the same day within 3 miles of each other will be $125. It will be each grower’s responsibility to contact HATS at least 30 days prior to harvest to schedule sampling. The Sample Request Form may be found on the following website

For Food Manufacturing information, please contact TDA/Food and Dairy Section

UT Extension PB 1399 “Getting Started in a Food Manufacturing Business in Tennessee”

United States Department of Agriculture
Economic Viability of Industrial Hemp in the United States: A Review of State Pilot Programs

American Seed Trade Association
How to Read a Label on a Bag of Hemp Seed
Laws, Regs & Other Considerations When Buying Hemp Seed
Best Management Practices for Hemp Seed Production

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