Business Development Division

The Business Development Division works with Tennessee producers and agribusinesses to build rural economies and increase farm income. Diverse growth and development activities provide opportunities, including industry and producer-focused incentives, as well as promotions that reach consumers and the non-farming public through a variety of platforms and outreach methods.  

The Agribusiness Development team pursues new industries and expansion of existing agricultural and forestry businesses. To facilitate this growth, TDA partners with agencies ranging from local governments and regional retail chains to USDA Rural Development, the Tennessee Valley Authority and national and international trade associations like the Southern United States Trade Association and the Foreign Agricultural Service.

Business Development specialists focus on specialty crops, processed foods, the equine industry, viticulture, horticulture, livestock, hay, fruits and vegetables, and direct-farm marketing. Tennessee producers and processors are connected to local and world markets through trade missions, where targeted buyers are brought to Tennessee to see products and forge business relationships with producers.

Pick Tennessee Products is the primary customer-facing promotional program offered by TDA, with more than 2,500 farm and farm-direct businesses offering approximately 10,000 different products.

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