Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can apply for one of the ten cost share programs per fiscal year on Application A. The ten cost share programs include: Dairy Solutions, Genetics, Hay Equipment, Herd Health, Livestock Equipment, Livestock Solutions, Poultry Grower, Row Crop Solutions, Swine Producer, Working Structures & Fence-line Feeding Systems. Checking multiple boxes will void your cost share request. You will not be able to change your cost share request after October 7, 2023. Please double check the program you selected when submitting your application along with your number of head of livestock or acres.

Yes, you can apply for each of the TAEP Applications (A & B). Please review each application in detail to determine if you are eligible to apply.

Premises number is no longer an effective means for identifying producers in TAEP and therefore no longer required to apply.

Yes.  The TAEP Producer Number (TPN) replaces the previously required premises account number and premises ID.

The TAEP Producer Number (TPN) is a unique number used to identify each applicant. The TPN exclusive to an individual and cannot be transferred. Please include your TPN when applying for cost share and corresponding with TAEP. New applicants will not have a TPN until their first application is processed.

If you have applied for TAEP within the past three years, your TPN will be mailed to you in September.  Your county extension agent will also have a list of producer TPNs.

New TAEP applicants will not have a TPN until applications are processed.  New applicants can still apply for TAEP, they will simply leave the TPN section blank.

TAEP targets areas that promote long term investments in Tennessee’s agriculture. Each year, the program is re-evaluated and new items are considered for funding based on current market conditions and demand.

These instructional programs are designed to help improve individual operations, increase profits and raise the overall quality of livestock and management practices in the state. This in turn will improve the marketability of Tennessee livestock for everyone.

No. BQA certification is only good for three years. You must recertify before applying for cost share funding. Contact your local UT Extension Office or the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association for a class near you.

Yes. You can apply for TAEP without a master certificate, but you will need to have completed the master certification by the time of reimbursement in order to be eligible for the maximum 50% cost share.

The goal of TAEP is to make long-term, strategic investments to raise the standard of livestock management in Tennessee. Providing the opportunity for additional cost share through completing these courses is one way TAEP furthers this goal. Taking a Master course:

- Ensures producers are adhering to industry best practices, ultimately promoting the highest level of production and safety standards.

- Provides an overview of current industry changes and market trends, furthering producers' ability to make informed decisions regarding their operation.

- Creates a networking platform that allows producers to leverage each other's industry knowledge and strengthen connections to their local ag extension office.

Applications will not be accepted if faxed or emailed.

Applications must be postmarked October 1 – 7, 2023.
Applications postmarked prior to October 1 or after October 7, 2023 are

Yes, your cost share reimbursement is taxable. You will receive Form 1099 G for payments received over $600.

You can combine goats and sheep. However, you cannot combine goats/sheep and other livestock (cattle, poultry, swine). Head of livestock refers to the maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, during the last 12 months.

Receipts dated prior to October 1, 2023 are NOT eligible. Items purchased October 1, 2023 or after will be eligible if your application is approved and there is funding available for cost share funds. You need to be aware that just because the purchase is made after October 1, 2023 and you submit an application, there is no guarantee that you will receive cost share assistance.

Currently we do not feature opportunities for Regional or County Producer Associations. However, we do feature grant programs for Statewide Agricultural Producer Associations and Public Farmers Markets.

Yes.  The same verification rules will apply program wide.  Used equipment will be no exception.

Applicant must utilize equipment and structures purchased with cost share funds for the intended purpose of the program for a minimum of five (5) continuous years from date of purchase.

Producers submitting handwritten receipts/invoices may receive a written request to provide better clarification and transparency of the transaction before the reimbursement request will be approved.