Livestock Equipment

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle – 30 Head
Goats/Sheep – 50 Head
BQA – Beef and Dairy
Not Applicable
$2,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share    |   Master 50% Cost Share
50% Cost Share Eligible Master Courses for Livestock Equipment

Master Beef

Master Dairy

Master Farm Manager

Master Small Ruminant

Master Farm Family Health & Wellness

Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.
Goats/Sheep can be combined to meet minimum number requirement.

Eligible Items

New Equipment Only — Items 1 - 23
New items cannot be previously owned.
Items purchased at an auction are considered used.

1. Add-on alley sheet
2. Animal scale/indicator
3. Automatic cube pellet feeder/cake feeder — scales optional at time of purchase only
4. Bunk feeder
5. Clover seeder — cone type 3-point hitch or ATV/UTV mounted seeder that broadcasts seed
6. Covered mineral feeder — stand alone and ground only
7. Creep feeder
8. Creep panel
9. Electronic identification (EID) reader
10. Feed bin
11. Feeder panel
12. Feed bin unload auger — maximum 29 ft. length
13. Fly sprayer and/or oiler — walk through/under only
14. Hay ring/hay feeder
15. Hay unroller
16. Mobile calf catcher pen — ATV or UTV attachment; scales and/or hitch optional at time of purchase only
17. Pasture gate — must be installed at time of reimbursement
18. Pasture sprayer
— minimum tank capacity: 100 gal.
— minimum pump output: 20 gal. per minute
— PTO, shaft, or hydraulic drive
— roller or centrifugal pump
19. Pasture sprayer GPS
20. Sheep/goat automatic milk feeding machine
21. Sheep/goat fitting stand
22. Sheep shear — minimum 3 in. wide head, minimum 2,000 RPM
23. Ultrasound and accessories

New or Used Equipment — Items 24 - 39

24. Alley frame
25. Alleyway
26. Carriage for squeeze chute
27. Continuous pipe panel — interior use only, must be installed at the time of reimbursement
28. Corral panel — portable panel, gate in frame/bow gate
29. Crowding/sweep tub
30. Head gate
31. Headlock stanchion/palpation rail/stall loop
32. Hoof trimming table or chute
33. Loading chute
34. Neck extender/brisket bar/head holder
35. Palpation cage
36. Rolling block door/alley back stop
37. Slant bar hay feeding wagon
38. Squeeze chute
39. Tilt/roll table

Used equipment must meet ALL of the following criteria:

    • Excellent working condition
    • Minimal rust
    • Less than 10 years old
    • Reasonable market price

Tennessee Department of Agriculture may verify used equipment prior to payment.

Email for additional information.