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Herd Health

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle - 30 Head BQA – Beef and Dairy Not Applicable
$2,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Payment amount per head
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.


This new program focuses on improving the whole herd health and reputation of Tennessee cattle by encouraging producers to develop a preventative vaccination protocol for their cattle operation. Prioritizing the health and well-being of your cattle is key to a successful operation. A herd health protocol helps to safeguard against sickness and death loss within the herd.

This program targets all beef and dairy cattle. This program requires basic preventative vaccinations that focus on respiratory diseases, Blackleg, and breeding health. Producers are encouraged to work with a Tennessee licensed large animal veterinarian to develop a vaccination protocol for their herd. Reimbursement is based upon a per head payment instead of a cost share percentage.

What action is required to participate in this program?

Producers will be required to implement the following TAEP Herd Health Protocol and keep records of vaccinations on each individual animal. Information will include: animal identification, sex of animal, date vaccinated, castrated, and dehorned. In addition, producers will be required to list the name, lot number, and expiration date for each product administered for respiratory diseases, Blackleg, and Lepto.

TAEP Herd Health Protocol

1. Vaccination for respiratory diseases for IBR, BVD, PI3, and BRSV — all cattle
2. Vaccination for Blackleg with a 7 or 8 way Clostridial — required for cattle under 2 years
3. Vaccination for Lepto — breeding stock only
4. Dehorned — feeder cattle
5. Castrated — consult your veterinarian for tetanus recommendations if banded

Eligible Items

1. TAEP Herd Health Protocol – required

2. Additional Opportunities – optional
a. 840 EID Tag
b. BVD-PI Test
c. Pregnancy Exam - Palpation/Ultrasound
d. Treatment for external and internal parasites
e. Respiratory Booster Vaccination
f. Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE)
g. Veterinarian Services — related to prevention

Herd Health Incentives
Required $/head
TAEP Herd Health Protocol $15
Optional $/head
840 EID Tags $2
BVD-PI Test $5
Pregnancy Exam — Palpation/Ultrasound $5
Treatment for external and internal parasites $5
Respiratory Booster Vaccination $10
Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE) $25
Veterinarian Services - $100 max. for receipts totaling over $200
Must take place between October 1, 2019 and August 1, 2020.


1. TAEP Herd Health Protocol
a. Indicate vaccination activity for each individual animal on the TAEP Herd Health Record.
    i.Animal identification
    ii. Sex of animal
    iii. Date vaccinated
    iv. Date castrated
    v. Date dehorned
b. List each vaccination on the TAEP Herd Health Record.
    i. Product name
    ii. Lot number
    iii. Expiration date

2. Additional Opportunities
a. 840 EID Tags — tags must be listed on TAEP Herd Health Record
b. BVD-PI Test — lab results
c. Pregnancy Exam - Palpation/Ultrasound — veterinarian test record/invoice
d. Treatment for external and internal parasites — indicate on TAEP Herd Health Record
e. Respiratory Booster Vaccination — indicate on TAEP Herd Health Record
f. Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE) — BSE form completed by Tennessee licensed large animal veterinarian
g. Veterinarian Services — submit receipts totaling at least $200 for services provided by Tennessee licensed large animal veterinarian

Email for additional information.