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Dairy Solutions

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle - 30 Head
Goats/Sheep - 50 Head
BQA – Cattle
Dairy Permit
Not Applicable
$6,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share | Master 50% Cost Share
50% Cost Share Eligible Master Courses for Dairy Solutions

Master Dairy

Master Farm Manager

Master Farm Family Health & Wellness

Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.


Herd health and milk quality are critical to the productivity of Tennessee’s dairy farms. These two areas can directly improve a dairy’s bottom line and create opportunities for market access. The Dairy Solutions program is available to support Tennessee dairy producers in their efforts to improve herd health and milk quality.

Dairy Permit - required

• Dairy producers must be permitted by TDA to be eligible as a dairy at time of application. Only one person from
the farm operation may apply for cost share.
• Contact TDA Consumer and Industry Services Division Dairy Section for permit information at 615-837-5536.

Master Dairy Program

The Tennessee Master Dairy Program is an educational program that provides a variety of information on animal housing, management, nutrition, reproduction, milk quality, health, handling, welfare, and other topics. Modules are continuously created to provide dairy producers and other interested parties with the most up-to-date information on the topic of interest. At least 3 modules are provided each year across the state to provide dairy producers with easy access to continuing education. Producers interested in becoming a certified Master Dairy Producer will need to receive 6 hours of continuing education credits.

To learn more information and to see upcoming classes, visit
For questions about the program, contact Dr. Liz Eckelkamp ( or 865-974-8167).

Eligible Items

New Equipment Only – Items 1 – 13
New items cannot be previously owned.
Items purchased at an auction are considered used.

1. Automatic robotic milking systems
2. Commercial water heater
3. Generator for dairy barn
4. Industrial fans – metal only, minimum size of 48 in.
5. Manure/lagoon agitator
6. Manure/lagoon pump
7. Milk pipeline system – includes, but not limited to automatic washer/sanitizing unit, clean in-place unit, automatic milk take-offs, milk claws, vertical wash vat, milk meters and monitoring system
8. Milk vacuum pump
9. Plate exchange for heating water or cooling milk
10. Stationary milk tank
11. UV or filtration system – installation of systems for well water that is required to be tested
12. Vacuum system gauges and regulators
13. Water sterilization equipment

Testing & Services
14. Activity monitor for identifying cows in heat
15. Milk culture, culture sensitivity test
16. Milking equipment service contract
17. Milk quality lab analyses
18. On-farm antibiotic and mastitis testing – cow-side tests including test kits, subclinical mastitis detectors, and incubator or heater block
19. Somatic cell count test
20. Travel/labor for milk tester (when applicable)

21. New construction – milking parlor and/or tank room

Email for additional information.