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Veterinarian Equipment

50% Cost Share to a Maximum of $5,000

Eligible Items:

1. Mobile veterinary unit inserts

2. Head gate*

3. Squeeze chute*

4. Palpation cage*

5. Alleyway*

6. Loading chute*

7. Crowding tub*

8. Corral panels*

9. Large animal scales

10. Cow lift - to humanely move non-ambulatory animals

11. Equipment for small ruminant artificial insemination - examples include, but are not limited to, laparoscope, endoscope, cradle, and semen tank

12. Radio frequency readers (must be capable of reading animal identification approved by U.S. Department of Agriculture)

13. BSE equipment (limited to the following items): Electro ejaculator and leads, semen collection divide and holder, microscope, warming stage for cold weather, ultrasound and accessories - must be at least 50% large animal (cattle, goats, and sheep)

14. Portable lab equipment for on-farm testing - must be at least 50% large animal (cattle, goats, and sheep)

15. Calving aids - devises used to assist in delivery


* Items with an asteric (*) can be purchased used

Contact Information:

Rachel McKee Taylor
(615) 837-5277 -