Hay Equipment

Minimum Requirements* Certification Required to Apply Beginning Famer Option**
Cattle - 100 Head
Goats/Sheep - 150 Head
Hay - 100 Acres in Production
BQA – Beef and Dairy
Not Available
$6,000 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share   |   Master 50% Cost Share
50% Cost Share Eligible Master Courses for Hay Storage

Master Beef

Master Dairy

Master Farm Manager

Master Small Ruminant

Master Farm Family Health & Wellness

Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.
Goats/Sheep can be combined to meet minimum head requirement.
Hay Acreage = 100 acres in production; first cutting only
*Applicant must meet at least one minimum program requirement at time of application.
**This program is not available for individuals qualifying for the Beginning Farmer Option.

Eligible Items

New Equipment Only

New items cannot be previously owned.
Items purchased at an auction are considered used and are not eligible.
Replacement parts are not eligible.

1. Hay accumulator
2. Hay baler – round or square
3. Hay grapple
4. Hay mower (rotary cutter/pasture clippers are not eligible)
5. Hay mower caddy
6. Hay tedder
7. Hay rake
8. Mower-conditioner
9. Multi bale hay spear

Accessories are eligible for cost share if purchased along with equipment. Additional parts are not eligible for cost share.

Receipt Reminders

·         Receipts must be in the name of the applicant approved for cost share funding.

·         Receipts must also include:

­ Vendor name, address, phone number
­ Description of expense (make, model, serial #, if available)
­ Amount of purchase
­ Date of purchase

·         Quotes and purchase orders do not represent a purchase and are not considered receipts.

­   Ask for a sales receipt if you are given a quote or purchase order.

­   It may take additional time for the sales representative to secure a sales receipt.

·         Proof of payment may be requested to verify purchase.

Email hay.equipment@tn.gov for additional information.