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Rural Community Transportation Planning Grant


Rural CTPG Program Goals

  • Assist rural communities with planning efforts that define the transportation cohesiveness between multimodal transportation systems and local land use objectives that achieve the statewide transportation goals
  • Aid with the creation of planning documents that support improvements in traffic flow, safety, and overall efficiency of the transportation system
  • Provide governments with planning resources to achieve community visions as related to transportation and land use needs that promote future economic growth

Eligible Applicant Requirements

  • Must be a Tennessee county/city/town located outside an MPO planning boundary
  • The central focus of the plan must involve a state route, although a holistic approach is encouraged
  • Counties (and municipalities within them) that are "distressed" as of FY2020, qualify for no local match, however, this         does not guarantee your plan will be selected for funding

Key Facts

  • $125,000 is the maximum amount of planning services
  • 90% of consultant services will be funded by TDOT
  • 10% of the project cost will be a local match on behalf the awarded municipality
  • 8 projects were awarded during the 2015/16 grant cycle, 10 awarded in 2016/17, and 22 awarded in 2018/2019

Fact Sheets

Please check the Fact Sheets below. Each contains information and examples of various eligible planning activities. The Fact Sheets are designed to assist you with deciding the type of plan that will be the best fit for your community.