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Rural Regional Transportation Plans


The Tennessee Department of Transportation, in conjunction with 12 Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) across the state, is collaborating in planning efforts for the development of Rural Regional Transportation Plans. The purpose of the plans is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s rural transportation infrastructure investments and to increase the economic competitiveness of the state’s rural regions. The Rural Regional Transportation Plans stem from recommendations contained within TDOT's 25-Year Long Range Transportation Policy Plan, as it relates to RPOs.

Those recommendations include:

  1. Provide the latest planning data and tools
  2. Increase the responsibility to encompass more multimodal considerations
  3. Create a process that fosters a more needs-based approach including land-use and transportation

Identifying needs and making a range of recommendations for rural Tennessee’s transportation system is a goal of TDOT's Long Range Planning Division. Once completed, the Rural Regional Transportation Plans will be used for additional future studies, identification for county-level transportation plans, as well as any additional needs recognized.


As part of a larger effort to keep the public engaged in the planning process, a brief survey for each RPO is being conducted to get feedback on transportation issues, in order to better serve and plan for rural counties. Select your RPO from the list* below to complete the survey.

Dale Hollow RPO Survey

*Additional surveys are under development. Links will be provided when the surveys are available. Please check back for more information.