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Aeronautics Division

607 Hangar Lane
Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: 615.741.3208

Michelle Frazier

The Aeronautics Division is responsible for licensing public airports, monitoring compliance with federal grants and providing flight services for branches of state government. It performs engineering services, aviation planning studies, airport improvement and project design consultation to local airports. It insures the operational safety and efficiency of the state aviation facilities system.

Aeronautical activities impact our lives each and every day. Taking a flight to a distant destination is a small part of the overall activity. Businesses and individuals depend on air cargo and mail. Emergency helicopters get critical patients to hospitals in record time. Agricultural planes are needed for crop dusting and hydro-seeding. Another important branch in aviation is forest and power line patrols. The list of aviation services and jobs go on and on – airline agents, pilots, airport managers, firefighting, etc. It all starts and ends at an airport, from one of the busiest air cargo airports, Memphis International, to one of our 70 plus general aviation airports. Aviation is moving Tennessee forward.

The Division has the responsibility of licensing 148 heliports and 74 public/general aviation airports. It also oversees grants to improve and rehabilitate these facilities. In addition to maintaining one of the nation's best aviation systems, it also provides aircraft and related services for state government executives, staffing for the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission, and numerous educational support programs. The Division's include Administration, Finance & Grant Management, Engineering & Program Development, Flight Services, and Planning & Programming.