Office of Public Transportation

Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Office of Public Transportation, works to promote Public Transportation by providing both financial and technical assistance to transit agencies and transit projects in the state.  The Office of Public Transportation is responsible for transit planning and the administration of capital and operating assistance in both urbanized and rural areas throughout the state. The Office of Public Transportation consists of two sections (Grant Administration and Grant Monitoring) each of which has specific areas of responsibilities.

Through the promotion of efficient transit systems and coordination of all available resources, TDOT Office of Public Transportation seeks to maximize the customer service potential of all agencies offering transit services to residents of Tennessee. TDOT remains committed to a high standard of excellence and dependability in the provision of research and technical assistance in all aspects of public transportation.

TDOT, Office of Public Transportation also proudly sponsors other transit programs and transit-related activities throughout Tennessee.  The Office of Public Transportation offers capital assistance through the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Section 5310 Program, which provides transportation services to seniors and individuals with disabilities.


The Public Comment period on revisions and updates to TDOT's State Management Plan for Federal Transit Administration programs closed on February 12, 2024. Received comments are being considered and the plan must be approved by the Federal Transit Administration. Upon receiving FTA approval, TDOT will post the final version of the State Management Plan to this website. The Proposed State Management Plan can be reviewed at the link below. Please direct any questions about this process to 

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