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Livestock Equipment

Livestock Minimum Requirements Certifications Lifetime Limit
Cattle – 30 Head
Goats/Sheep – 50 Head
BQA – Beef and Dairy
Not Applicable
$2,500 Maximum Reimbursement
Standard 35% Cost Share    |   Master 50% Cost Share
Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time during the last 12 months.
Goats/Sheep can be combined to meet minimum number requirement.

Attention Dairy Producers

Additional cost share opportunities are available for licensed dairy farms through the Tennessee Milk Quality Improvement Initiative. Please contact TDA at 615-837-5336 to learn more.

Eligible Items

New Equipment Only
Items 1 - 21

1. Add-on alley sheet
2. Animal scale/indicator
3. Automatic cube pellet feeder/cake feeder — scales optional at time of purchase only
4. Bunk feeder
5. Clover seeder — cone type 3 point hitch or ATV/UTV mounted seeder that broadcasts seed
6. Covered mineral feeder — stand alone and ground only; not eligible — insecticide and/or oil applicator combinations
7. Creep feeder
8. Electronic identification (EID) reader
9. Feed bin
10. Feed bin unload auger — maximum 29 ft. length
11. Fly sprayer
12. Hay ring/hay feeder
13. Hay unroller
14. Headlock stanchion/palpation rail/stall loop
15. Mobile calf catcher pen — ATV or UTV attachment; scales and/or hitch optional at time of purchase only
16. Pasture gate — interior use only; must be installed at time of reimbursement
17. Pasture sprayer
— minimum tank capacity: 100 gal.
— minimum pump output: 20 gal. per minute
— PTO, shaft, or hydraulic drive
— roller or centrifugal pump
18. Pasture sprayer GPS
19. Sheep/goat fitting stand
20. Sheep shear — minimum 3 in. wide head, minimum 2,000 RPM
21. Ultrasound and accessories

New or Used Equipment
Items 22 - 36

22. Alley frame
23. Alleyway
24. Carriage for squeeze chute
25. Corral panel — portable panel, gate in frame/bow gate
26. Creep/feeder panel
27. Crowding/sweep tub
28. Head gate
29. Hoof trimming table or chute
30. Loading chute
31. Neck extender/brisket bar/head holder
32. Palpation cage
33. Rolling block door/alley back stop
34. Slant bar hay feeding wagon
35. Squeeze chute
36. Tilt/roll table

Used equipment must meet all of the following criteria:

    • Excellent working condition
    • Minimal rust
    • Functions as new
    • Reasonable market price

Tennessee Department of Agriculture may verify used equipment prior to payment.

Email for additional information.