Stewart State Forest

Size:  4,226 acres / 1,710 ha. 

Stewart State Forest is located in northwestern Tennessee, in south-central Stewart County. State Highway 49 was an old rail bed that connected iron furnaces and it now bisects the forest. It is south of the western boundary of the Cross Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

The forest was acquired from a larger tract of land that was the Leech Estate. It became state property in 1935 in lieu of taxes. Later that same year, Governor Hill McAlister declared it a State Forest.

There are many sites of historic or cultural interest on the forest, including hundreds of areas where charcoal was produced, an iron ore pit, and several old house sites and stills. There are also several small areas where prairie grasses have been established.

Approximately 96% of the forest is in hardwoods and only about 3% is in pine. The dominant hardwood type is oak/hickory and is generally even aged (70-95 years) containing mostly mature to over-mature trees. Timber was salvaged after blow down of older age class stands in 1983, 1991, and 2000.

The 101st Airborne Division of Fort Campbell Military Reservation utilizes the forest on a renewable permit basis for training. Recreational uses include hiking, mountain biking, and hunting. There is also an orienteering course developed by a local Eagle Scout for visitors to practice skills using compass, pacing, gps, and maps.

Stewart State Forest Road Use Map

Stewart State Forest Firewood Collection Map


Caleb LaMontagne, Area Forester
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