Scott State Forest


Size: 2,826 acres / 1,144 ha. 

Scott State Forest is located in northeastern Tennessee, in Scott and Fentress Counties. It is unique in the system as it is completely surrounded by the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

The majority of the land was acquired by the state at a tax delinquent sale in 1938.

The forest is used for research including tree improvement studies, where improved strains of various species are grown and tested.

Most timber stands are sawtimber-size hardwood stands, with many of the stands at or near rotation age. Superior stands of eastern white pine were located on the forest but most were lost to the southern pine beetle outbreak of 2001. 

There are no interior holdings, cemeteries, or natural areas. Recreational activities including hunting, hiking, and horseback riding are popular in this forest.

Scott State Forest Road Use Map

Scott State Forest Firewood Collection Map


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