Expert Medical Opinion Services

Health plan members can get help for any condition with which they may be struggling. Whether you need a second opinion, help confirming a diagnosis, assistance with a rare or life-threatening condition or help with treating several medical problems at the same time, ConsumerMedical can assist you.

ConsumerMedical offers:

  • Support for all health conditions, including rare and complex cases.
  • Virtual consults with world-class physicians.
  • Access via a web portal, mobile app and phone, with an average three-day turnaround after medical records have been submitted.
  • Video consultations, recorded videos and written consults.

Call 888.361.3944, visit or download the free “MyMedicalAlly” app.

BlueCross BlueShield members use code: BCBST State of TN

Cigna members use code: Cigna State of TN