Diabetes Prevention Program

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(Not part of the ActiveHealth Wellness Program)

Approximately 96 million U.S. adults, that’s roughly 1 in 3, have prediabetes. With prediabetes, blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough yet to be diagnosed with diabetes. People with prediabetes are at high risk for type 2 diabetes*. Diabetes can cause health issues such as vision loss, nerve damage, poor circulation, amputation, kidney damage, heart disease or stroke. 

ParTNers for Health is offering a FREE Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP**) to all adult state group health plan members to help them prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. The program is offered as part of your health insurance. As long as you use an in-network provider, there is no additional cost to you.  Members must meet eligibility criteria. For state and higher education members, DPP classes are not tied to any cash incentives and members will not receive incentives for participating.

*Content Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Program goal

Lower your risk for type 2 diabetes by losing at least 7 percent of your body weight through increased physical activity (goal of 150 minutes per week) and healthier eating.

Right now, there are two different options for members to take advantage of this program. One of the options involves in-person classes, and one is an online program.

**If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes you will not be eligible for the DPP. If you have diabetes, you can contact ActiveHealth Management to enroll in a diabetes program.

You can choose either the in-person DPP program, or the online DPP (separate programs available for BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna members).


In-person DPP participants will get:

  • Weekly, in-person sessions: Year–long program – weekly for 16 weeks, followed by three bimonthly sessions and six monthly sessions.
  • Trained lifestyle coach: To guide you along the way.
  • Group support: You are not alone! Motivation to help you make healthier choices.
  • CDC-approved curriculum: Tips to stay on track.

1. State of Tennessee Diabetes Prevention Program

  • This in-person class is offered in the ParTNers Health & Wellness Center located on the 3rd floor of the WRS TN Tower in downtown Nashville.
  • Classes and space are limited.

Seating is limited. There are two classes per year, starting in January and June.

To find out if you are eligible, contact the ParTNers Health & Wellness Center at 615.741.1709. Be sure to tell the center staff that you are calling about this program. Click here for a flier about the downtown Nashville program.

CDC awards State Group Health Plan full recognition
The CDC has awarded the State of Tennessee Group Health Plan Full Recognition for our diabetes prevention program (DPP). This designation is reserved for programs that have effectively delivered a quality, evidence-based program that meets all of the standards for CDC recognition. 


 2. Cigna Omada Program (Cigna members only - If you enroll in the online DPP, you are not eligible for in-person classes.)

Omada® is an online lifestyle change program that can help Cigna members lose weight, feel good and develop long-term healthy habits.

You'll receive the program at no additional cost if you or your covered adult dependents are enrolled in a Cigna medical plan offered through the State of Tennessee, are at risk for diabetes, and are accepted into the program.

Program goal: Based on behavioral medicine and scientifically tested, Omada is designed to build healthy habits that last.

See if you’re eligible at omadahealth.com/partnersforhealth If eligible you can apply online to join the program.

Click here for a flier about the Omada® program.

Click here for Omada® program FAQs.

Omada® participants will get:

  • An interactive program to guide your journey
  • A wireless smart scale to monitor your progress
  • Weekly online lessons to empower you
  • A professional online Omada health coach to keep you on track
  • Small online group of participants to keep you engaged

For questions and more information, contact Omada® at:

Email: support@omadahealth.com

Call: 888.409.8687

Help center articles: support.omadahealth.com

3. BlueCross BlueShield (BCBST) Livongo Program (BCBST members only – if you enroll in the online DPP, you are not eligible for in-person classes.)

Better Health Starts Here: BCBST is partnering with Livongo to offer an online diabetes prevention program. It is FREE to eligible members and their dependents age 18 and older to help manage your weight and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Livongo participants will get:

  • Tips on how to make simple lifestyle changes
  • Online health coaching sessions and regular feedback from your coach
  • Support from an online community of members
  • Wireless scale, activity tracker and digital tools to keep up with weight, food, mood, steps and exercise
  • Personalized weight management help, including healthy, tasty recipes

If you have questions, call 888-599-7483. Be sure to have your BCBS Member ID with you when you call.

To see if you qualify for Livongo's program, log in to or register for your BlueAccessSM by clicking here.

Click here for a flyer about the program.