Vision Insurance

(Central state government and state higher education employees | state offline agency employees | retirees enrolled in the state’s retiree group health plan and receiving a monthly pension from the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System based on own service or participating in a higher education optional retirement plan | local education and local government employees if employing agency offers the state group vision insurance plan)

Vision Insurance


Mon.-Sat., 7 a.m.–10 p.m. CT, Sun. 10 a.m.–7 p.m. CT

Members pay the full monthly premium. You’ll save money when using in-network providers.

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Find the EyeMed handbook by clicking on Publications and Vision Insurance.

Choose from two vision insurance options, the Basic Plan or Expanded Plan.

All members in both vision plans get:
•    Routine eye exam every calendar year
•    Choice of eyeglass lenses or contact lenses once every calendar year
•    Low vision evaluation and aids available once every two calendar years

Basic Plan: Pays for your eye exam after you pay a $10 copay and provides various allowances (dollar amounts paid by the plan) for materials such as eyeglass frames and contact lenses.
•    Frames available once every two calendar years.

Expanded Plan: Free routine eye exam annually. Includes greater allowances than the Basic Plan.
•    Frames available once every calendar year.

In both plans:
•    You pay copays or the cost above the allowance (the dollar amount paid by the plan)
•    There are allowances and copays.
•    Discounts may be available for select materials, such as an additional complete pair of glasses, non-prescription items, hearing aids and LASIK. Review for discounts and offers.

NOTE:  A complete description of the benefits, provisions, conditions, limitations and exclusions for the EyeMed Vision Basic and Expanded plans will be included in the Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company’s respective Certificate of Insurance. If any discrepancies exist between the information listed above and the certificate of insurance, the certificate of insurance will govern. We recommend you review these documents. The documents are available at