Disability Insurance

(State and higher education employees)

Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT

IMPORTANT: Employees must submit a Statement of Health to MetLife after selecting a disability insurance enrollment or enhancement in Edison Employee Self Service. Failure to submit the Statement of Health will result in denied disability insurance.

Find the form on the Metlife website by clicking here: 

For State Employees

For Higher Education Employees

Follow the instructions on the Statement of Health to submit to MetLife by Nov. 15, 2022.

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In 2023, disability premiums will stay the same. During Annual Enrollment, employees can apply for coverage or increase coverage if already enrolled. If already enrolled, pick the benefit in Edison you want under STD and/or LTD (state only).

·    After you apply, MetLife will mail you the Statement of Health form with medical questions. It will also be posted online at metlife.com/StateofTN. Complete the form and submit it via email or mail. Your application is subject to review and approval based on underwriting rules. After receiving your form, MetLife may need more information from you.

The state offers short-term disability insurance to full-time state and higher education employees through MetLife. The state also offers long-term disability insurance to full-time state employees through MetLife.

Higher education employees are not part of the state’s LTD program, and should discuss coverage options with their human resource office. 

Disability insurance helps cover your living expenses by protecting your pre-disability income lost due to sickness, pregnancy or as a direct result of accidental injury. All sick leave, annual leave and comp time must be used before benefits are payable. Members pay the full monthly premium.

Premiums adjust as of October of each year if your salary is greater on Sept. 1 compared to the prior Sept. 1, or if you move into a higher age bracket for LTD.

·    Short-term disability: Replaces a portion of your income during a disability, which could last up to 26 weeks. Two coverage options are available. Click here to calculate rates. Monthly rates are also in Edison.

·    Find answers to frequently asked questions, including information about disability due to pregnancy.

·    Long-term disability (state employees only): Replaces a portion of your income during a disability that is expected to last longer than 90-180 days. Four coverage options are available. Higher education employees can contact their agency benefits coordinators about LTD insurance offered through their higher education plans. Click here to calculate rates.  Monthly rates are also available in Edison.


Why is having disability insurance important?

If you are unable to work due to sickness, pregnancy or as a direct result of accidental injury, disability insurance can help pay your most important expenses. These include:
·         Mortgage or rent
·         Car payments
·         Food
·         Child care
·         Tuition
·         Utilities


Important information if you’re thinking about applying to enroll in coverage:

·    Those who enroll will pay 100% of the monthly premium with after-tax dollars. By paying with after-tax dollars, any benefits paid to you will result in a tax-free benefit.
·    If you intend to enroll in both STD and LTD, you should consider enrolling in one of the LTD options with a 180-day elimination period. The 26-week STD insurance will best cover the 180-day elimination period for your LTD, at a lower monthly cost.

You must use all of your accrued leave (sick, an­nual and compensatory time) before your disability payments begin.

Benefits payable during the benefit period may be reduced by other sources of income, such as worker's compensation, unemployment insurance and sick leave bank. See the certificate of coverage for a comprehensive list of other sources of income which may reduce the STD and/or LTD benefit.


Frequently asked questions about disability insurance benefits:

Short term disability insurance replaces a portion of your income during a disability, which could last up to 26 weeks. It may be good for those who:

  • Have little annual or sick leave.
  • Take part in high-risk activities.
  • Don’t have six-months of emergency funds.

Short Term Disability Insurance Coverage Options
Short Term Disability Insurance Rates
Short Term Disability Exclusions

Long term disability insurance replaces a portion of your income during a disability that is expected to last for an extended period of time. This period of time is typically longer than 90 or 180 days. It may be good for those who:

  • Need their income to pay for housing, food and other bills.
  • Would have trouble supporting themselves if out of work more than 90 days.

Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage Options
Long Term Disability Insurance Rates
Long Term Disability Exclusions


The State Group Insurance long term disability and short term disability insurance plans are managed by MetLife. Please call the MetLife State of Tennessee dedicated customer service line with questions: 855.700.8001, Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., CT. Or visit, https://www.metlife.com/stateoftn/

NOTE:  A complete description of the benefits, provisions, conditions, limitations and exclusions for the MetLife disability plans will be included in their respective Certificate of Insurance. If any discrepancies exist between the information listed above and the certificates of insurance, the certificates of insurance will govern. We recommend you review these documents. These documents may be reviewed at www.tn.gov/partnersforhealth/publications/publications.html.