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Request for Proposals (RFP) Opportunities


Tennessee buys myriad personal, professional, and consulting services which are used within state government to most efficiently meet the varied demands for high quality public service.  Typically, contractors delivering such services are selected through the Request for Proposals (RFPs) process or some other appropriate means and are paid on a "fee-for-service" basis.

Tennessee also uses grant awards to achieve many of its objectives and programmatic responsibilities.  Grants are simply types of contracts that are used to affect an award of funding or property to a grant recipient or "grantee."  A grant benefits the general public or some population of the general public, and deliverables pursuant to a grant contract are comprised of professional services provided to third-party beneficiaries rather than service provided to the state.

The State of Tennessee contracts for personal, professional, and consulting services directly through its various departments and agencies. Individuals, businesses, and other service providers who wish to provide personal, professional, and consulting services to the State of Tennessee are encouraged to frequently visit the State of Tennessee Request for Proposals web page to review recent solicitations and other professional service procurement related notices.


October 17, 2019 4:02 PM - UPDATE

Requests for Proposals (RFPs), solicitations, and public notices related to professional service procurements are posted on this web page as they are released by the state.  ONLY information relating to professional service procurements is posted here. Posted documents may be updated with relevant amendments at any time.

Please see the links below for other bid opportunities with the State of Tennessee: Bid Opportunities & ITBs -
To bid on these events go to the Supplier Portal and log in.

GoDBE Current Procurement Opportunities:  Click here for GoDBE Procurement Opportunities and Diversity Business Information.

If needed, programs to view digital files in the formats posted on this page may be available via the following websites:

RFQ Refer ALL questions about posted documents to the contact person specifically identified in each document.

NOTICE:  The Central Procurement Office maintains the contents of this box and the "RFPs, Solicitations, Requests & Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards & Education Field Representatives for East Tennessee" box immediately below. Report broken links in either of these two boxes to

Document ID & Hyperlink Posted or Updated Event Title
RFI 32110-11249
Terms and Conditions
Evaluation Model
Diversity Utilization
TN Purchasing Regions and Counties
10/11/2019 SWC 612 Dairy Products  
RFQ Project No. 529/000-03-2019
Amendment 1
10/11/2019-UPDATED Real Estate Master Plan w/ Consultant   
RFP 31786-00151
Appendix 7.1
Appendix 7.2
Appendix 7.3
Appendix 7.4
Appendix 7.5
Appendix 7.6
Appendix 7.7
Appendix 7.8
Appendix 7.9
Appendix 7.10
Appendix 7.11
Appendix 7.12
Appendix 7.13
Appendix 7.14
Appendix 7.15
Appendix 7.16 (zip file)
Appendix 7.17 (zip file)
Appendix 7.18 (zip file)
Appendix 7.19 (zip file)
Appendix 7.20
Appendix 7.21
Appendix 7.22
Appendix 7.23
Appendix 7.24
Appendix 7.25
10/11/2019 Pharmacy Benefits Management  
RFP 30901-44520 10/9/2019 Deferred Compensation/Defined Contribution Plan Consulting Services
RFI 34352-00420 10/9/2019 Poison Control Center Services  
RFI 34301-30120 EPI-NDA 10/9/2019 Electronic Public Health Systems
RFP 32399-00319
Nondisclosure Agreement Form
10/7/2019 Information Technology  Consulting and Support Services
RFP 32110-20100
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
10/02/2019 Automated License Plate Reader
RFP 34501-13219
Cost Proposal
Attachment H
Attachment I
Attachment J
Appendix 4
10/01/2019 Eligibility and Benefits Management System
RFP 32701-03898
Terms and  Conditions
9/23/2019 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
RFQ 34530-46120
Amendment 1
Attachment E
10/14/2019- Updated Employment and Case Management Services for the Greater Memphis Regional Area
RFI 32110-11185
Terms and Conditions
9/17/2019 SWC 367 Footwear
RFP 30901-43820
Amendment 1
10/9/2019 - UPDATED Death Match Services for Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
RFI 30901-44620
Amendment 1
9/18/2019-UPDATED Alternative Investments Information Management
RFP 32901-31217
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
Attachment 5
Attachment 6
Attachment 7
Attachment 8
Attachment 9
Attachment 10
Attachment 11
Amendment 1
10/1/2019 - UPDATED Evidence Based Programing
RFI 32110-11174
Terms and Conditions
Questions and Answers
8/22/2019-UPDATED SWC 396 Legal Research Services
RFI  30901-44120
Attachment 1
Amendment 1
9/11/2019-UPDATED General Liability and Automobile Third Party Administrator
RFP 34513-35719
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
TN PC 2019
TN QW 2019
Employer Maintnance User Guide
Response To Questions
8/21/2019-UPDATED New Hire Reporting
RFP 34401-99168
Release Notice/
Release 2
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Amendment 5
9/11/2019-UPDATED Multi Media, Interactive 
RFI 34349-94920 8/13/2019 Dental Benefits Administrator
RFP 32901-31202
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
10/03/2019-UPDATED Inmate Behavioral Health
RFQ  33501-202006
Amendment 1
Amendment 2 
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Request for Qualifications
8/6/2019-UPDATED The Assessment of Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) Operating in the State of Tennessee and the Development of Best Practices for PBM Operation 
RFP 32101-06319
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
8/2/2019 - UPDATED Library and Archives Moving Services
RFI 32110-11147
Terms and Conditions
7/26/2019 Lexmark Software Support
RFI 32110-19300 7/26/2019 Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing Maintenance and Repair
RFQ 32399-01219
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Census Report
7/26/2019-UPDATED Therapy Services
RFP 34901-00925
Amendment 1
7/22/2019 - UPDATED Court Reporters
RFP 34352-50419
Solicitation Notice
Amendment 1
7/18/2019-UPDATED Tobacco Quitline
RFQ 40100-02320
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Field Guide
7/15/2019-UPDATED Consultant Services for Division of Multimodal Transportation Resources
RFI 32110-00119
Questions and Responses
7/15/2019 RFI - Real Estate Master Plan Consultant
RFP 33501-1925121
Amendment 1
7/1/2019-UPDATED Middle Tennessee Field Service Representative for the TN Commission on Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education
RFP 34305-21220
Amendment 1 
Protest Document
Intent to Award
06/24/2019-UPDATED Nursing Home Independent Informal Dispute Resolution
RFP 33501-207602 6/20/2019 Licensed Contractor Inspections For The Tennessee Board For Licensing Contractors
RFQ 32701-03784
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
6/17/2019-UPDATED Park Master Plan Consulting Services RFQ
RFQ 32110-32711
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
6/14/2019-UPDATED Cellular Devices, Services and Business Solutions
RFI 34401-99182 6/10/2019 Enabling Technology Quick Deployment Kit
RFP 34501-13019
Cost Proposal Spreadsheet
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Apendix 2
6/3/2019 - UPDATED System Integration and Technical Advisory Services
RFP 34353-15720 5/24/2019 WIC Brochures and Fulfillment Services
RFP 33195-00719
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Attachment B - TEIDS Data Dictionary
5/20/2019-UPDATED Tennessee Early Intervention Data System
RFI 33109-01219
5/17/2019 Tennessee School Safety Platform 
RFI 33501-11071
Scope- Burn Tower
Scope- Water Tank Inspection
Scope- Water Tower Painting
Scope- Potable Water Tank Painting
5/14/2019 Water Tank & Burn Tower Repairs
RFP 32110-19100
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Amendment 1 Docx
Office Furniture Renderings
Cost Proposal
5/9/2019-UPDATED Office Furniture
RFP 33901-00001
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
5/28/2019-UPDATED Drug Testing Services
RFI 32110-19200
Amendment 1
5/1/2019 Management Consulting Services
RFP 33911-00001
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
5/28/2019-Updated Comprehensive Food Services Program
RFI 34349-93919 4/22/2019 Tennessee Immunization System
RFP 34901-00605
34901-00605-Release 2
Final Release 34901-00605
Amendment Four
Amendment Three
Amendment Two
Amendment One
5/21/2019-UPDATED Credential Production and Issuance System
RFP 30901-41919
6.7 Loss Run as of 11-30-2018
6.8 Executive Summary October 26, 2018
6.9 Forcast Losses for FY 7-1-19
6.10 Outstanding Losses as of 6-30-18
6.11 CCRX Savings Summary for 3-1-18
6.12 Bill Review Data
6.13 ISO Claim Search and Independent Medical Exam Data
6.14 Claim Experience Data from 7-1-14 thru 6-30-18
6.15 Medical Bill Review Savings 7-1-2014 thru 6-30-2018
6.16Pharmacy Telehealth Cost Proposal Scoring Calculation Example
6.17 Case Management History
6.18 State of Tennessee Loss Run 
Amendment 1 Attachment A
Amendment 1 Final
Amendment 2
State of TN Case Management History FY 2015 to 2018
State of TN Loss Run 7-1-2013 to 6-30-2018

Workers' Compensation
RFQ 33501-192550 3/25/2019 Manufactured Home and Modular Building Services
RFI 30901-42419
Amentment 1-Response to Questions
4/3/2019-UPDATED Death Match Services
RFI 30901-42819
Attachment A
Amendment 1
3/12/2019 Unclaimed Property Systems and Services
RFP 33105-01319
Amendment 6
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Technical Response & Evaluation Guidelines
Pre-Response Conference Attendees via web ex
4/24/2019 UPDATED Universal Screeners & Progress Monitoring Tools
RFI 33104-01719 
Amendment 1
3/6/2019 Tennessee Student Technology Enrichment Program
RFP 33111-03819
Amendment #3
Amendment #2
Release #2
Assessment Amendment 1
Sample QTI Package TN
Attachment 6.2.A Scoring
Attachment 6.3.A Cost Proposal
Attachment 6.3.B Cost Options
Attachment 6.6.A Reporting
Item Types for TN Assessment 
Style Guide 2019-2020
Style Guide Graphic
TCAP Assessment Forms
TCAP Customer Support 
4/3/2019-UPDATED Administration, Scoring and Reporting of State Assessments
RFQ 31865-00602
Amendment - State Response to Questions and Comments
Attachment G EHR Audit Fee
2/22/2019 - UPDATED Medicaid Electronic Health Records
RFQ 35910-0 2/15/2019 Physician Services
RFP 33501-192003
Amendment 1
2/12/2019 Agent Licensing Exams
RFP 34347-68719
Amendment 1
Media and Immunization Promotion Buys
Attachment 6.3 Cost Proposal
2/11/2019 Tobacco Use Prevention and Vaccine Promotion Media Buys
RFP 32801-00956
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
3/12/2019- UPDATED Production of State Regulatory Guides for the Hunting/Trapping Fishing Seasons
RFP 33051-192003
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/22/2019-UPDATED Insurance Agent Licensing Exams
RFP 32701-03644
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
System's Locations
Bill of Materials
Pre Bid Memo
3/8/2019-UPDATED Completely Operational Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction and Groundwater Treatment Systems and Technical Support
RFP 32701-03688
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
2/27/2019-UPDATED Carr Gap North Trail Construction
RFP 30901-41019
Amendment 1
Statistical Report
2/14/2019-UPDATED Tennessee Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation Statistical Analysis and Consulting Services
RFP 32701-03644
Extraction and Groudwater Treatment System
RFP 32701-03657
Pre Bid Memo
Amendment 4-Final
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
3/21/019 - UPDATED
Advertising Campaign For Recycling And Household Hazardous Waste
RFP 30901-40719
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Exhibit 1 Sample New ER Study
Exhibit 2 Common Benefit Improvements
Exhibit 3 Contract
Exhibit 3 Contract Amendment 1
Active Lives Layout
Retired Lives Layout
Employeer Assets
Clarification memo
3/28/2019-UPDATED Actuarial Services For The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System and The Tennessee Baccalaureate Education System Trust
RFP 33501-191002
Amendment 1
1/30/2019-UPDATED A Web-Based Contomiing Education Tracking and Reporting System
RFP 33501-199101
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
1/30/2019 - UPDATED TREC Exams Reviews
RFI 32101-10858
Vendor Volume Template Report
Bid Sheet
Terms and Conditions
1/04/2019 Glock Handguns
RFP 32701-03659
Amendment 1
Stinging Fork to Hinch Map (attachment 6.7)
Stinging Fork to Hinch Map Overview (attachment 6.8)
2/6/2019-UPDATED Stinging Fork-Hinch Mountain Trail
RFP 34801-10853
Scope of Works
Terms and Conditions
12/18/2018 Regional Native National Conference
RFP 30901-40619 
Amendment 3 
Amendment 2
Effective Duration Holdings
Pivot FY 18 Data
Amendment 1
Current Operating Procedures
1/28/2019-UPDATED Investment Master Custody and Related Services
RFP 30901-40819
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
2/8/2019-UPDATED Investment Risk Analytics System, Tools And Services
RFP 33501-192563
Amendment 1
1/10/2018-UPDATED Community Risk Reduction Specialist
RFP 32110-18104
Amenment 7
Amendment 6
Amendments 6.7 and 6.8
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Attachment 6.6 Pro Forma Contract
5/3/2019-UPDATED SWC 387 Managed Service Provider
RFP 34901-00620 Release 2
Amendment 1
12/4/2018-UPDATED Meal Services for the State's Training Center
RFI 34901-00635 11/15/2018 Dispatch Next Generation 911- System
RFP 30501-01519
Amendment 1
11/30/2018-UPDATED Statewide Union Library Catalog
RFGP 32901-31187
PC 1051
Amendment 1
11/15/2018-UPDATED County Reentry Programs Reducing Redivism and Probation Revocations
RFI 40100-07319
Questions and Answers Release 4
Questions and Answers Release 3
Questions and Answers Release 2
Questions and Answers
10/30/2018-UPDATED Highway Safety Improvement Program-State Tracking and Analysis Tool
RFP 33501-192514
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
10/11/2018-UPDATED LP Gas Exams
RFP 32701-03596 9/17/2018 THC Preservation Plan
RFP 33501-192513 09/04/2018 Development & Administration  of Licensure Examinations for Fire Extinguisher Specialist and Technicians 
RFP 31865-00600
Amendment 7 Version 2
Amendment 6
Amendment 5
Amendment 4
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
11/21/2018-UPDATED Pharmacy Benefits Management 
RFP 30901-40019
Amendment 2
Amendment 1 
10/26/2018-UPDATED Disability Determination
RFI 31865-00701 11/1/2018 Medicaid Benefit Appeals Tracking System
RFI 33101-888
Amendment 1
9/10/2018-UPDATED Online Forms System for the Individulized Education Account (IEA) Program