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Who we are and what we do

The Department of General Services makes Tennessee State Government work! Literally.

State troopers and social workers are just a few State employees who couldn’t do their jobs without the vehicles we purchase and maintain. The Department of Transportation relies on us to purchase salt to treat icy roads. When you visit the State Capitol or other State buildings across Tennessee, our department has had a hand in it. We are responsible for operating, managing, and maintaining real estate assets owned by the State in a manner that ensures a comfortable, safe, and efficient working environment for State tenants, employees, and guests. Even the governor relies on our team to document his appearances and various State events through photography.

In a nutshell, the Department of General Services is responsible for providing goods and services to the State government of Tennessee. Our primary customers are other State departments and agencies. But we also serve vendors wishing to do with the State and citizens and organizations interested in purchasing surplus government property. As you can see, the Department of General Services provides a broad and highly diverse range of support services.

As we proudly provide essential operational needs to all Tennessee State government agencies, we do so with a focus on reducing the administrative cost of government. This ensures our citizens receive the care and service they deserve and permits more State resources to be directed toward vital programs and services for all Tennesseans.


How you can work with us

Visit the State of Tennessee’s Careers page to explore opportunities within our department.